Zoe London Brushes VS Sigma


Zoe London Kabuki Set In White/Silver

I am extremely excited to be the first to have reviewed this product.  As a previous blog of mine states I am  ‘Totally in love with Sigma’ which of course I am, but not everyone can afford these high end brand prices so I set on a mission to find great quality brushes at a really great price & I found ‘Zoe London’  I compared a few other brands too but none of them matched up to this one.  These are both manufactured & sold through an Ebay company called ‘Aurora_Retail_UK who have kindly let me review quite a few of their sets now & I think they are awesome! My favourite ‘Sigma’ brush is the ‘Flat Top Kabuki’ so I did some comparing between the two brands.

Zoe London Flat Top Kabuki

I came across the ‘Zoe London’ brushes when I was searching for other brushes on Ebay & this particular listing caught my eye as it had a ‘100% money back guaranteed if not satisfied’ rosette in the corner of the picture.  This one ‘Zoe London Flat Top Kabuki Brush’ cost a grand total of £2.99 including postage & I have to admit that I wasn’t really expecting much for that kind of price (sorry for the lack of faith Zoe) but when this actually arrived I was really pleasantly surprised.  I got my ‘Sigma’ version out to do some comparing and this is what I found.

Sigma Vs Zoe London
‘Sigma’ on the left, ‘Zoe London’ on the right
Sigma Vs Zoe London Flat Kabuki Brush
Sigma on the left Zoe London on the right

As you can see, the ‘Zoe’ brush on the right is just as densely packed as the ‘Sigma’ on the left & feels just as sturdy and strong.  In my opinion there really is very little difference, if any at all in regards to how these two brushes feel when applying makeup. So first impressions were great but then came the time to wash this brush at which point I thought that there was no way it would withstand a wash & would probably break apart & would never be used again.  I washed it & again I was pleasantly surprised.  There wasn’t a single shed of bristle & it dried & felt exactly the same as before.  I was so impressed that I contacted the company to see if they would give me the opportuinity to review this brand for them which they very kindly agreed to..  First off they sent me the full Kabuki Kit & the first thing I did when they arrived was to compare the old ‘Flat Top Kabuki’ that I had been using & washing to the brand new one out of the set.  As you can see below, the used brush is still in top condition, still in its firm, dense shape with absolutely no shedding.


Zoe London brushes
Used Zoe brush on the left & brand new one on the right.
Zoe London Brushes
the used brush still in great shape on the left & the new one on the right.

So onto the rest of the brushes by ‘Zoe London’ the others in the Kabuki Set are just as amazing as the flat top & cant fault them.  They all wash & function brilliantly.  I also gave a friend a full set to get a second opinion & she loves them just as much as I do.  Next Aurora_Retail_UK sent me a brand new set that they were just launching which was the 16 piece Rose Gold/Black including a very professional feel & look leather pouch.

Zoe London Brushes-Rose Gold/Black 16 Piece

Leather Case Included With The Zoe London 16 Piece Set

I have been using this set along with the Kabuki Set now for just over a month & they are gorgeous.  All of the handles have the function of the brush printed on them which I always like to see as it is both useful & looks professional.  I especially love the eyeshadow brushes out of this set as there are quite a few different sizes to get different makeup effects with. I have just been sent a brand new set which I shall be using for another month before updating this blog but I seriously doubt there will be anything bad to say.  These are a great cheaper alternative to Sigma & other high brands so please give them a go.  The only little niggle that I do have about these brushes is that I find the handles too light.  When I am using a makeup brush I like it to feel heavy in my hand for more control but I have already given the company this feedback which they have gladly taken on board so hopefully we will see a change in the overall quality feel of the brushes soon.

Zoe London Brushes Kabuki Set

The ‘Zoe London’ brushes are seriously worth a try & they are available on Ebay sold by the company Aurora_Retail_UK.  Prices start from a single brush at £2.99 to a full set of 10 for £11.99 or a 16 piece set with a leather pouch at £21.99.  They are available in Black/Silver, White/Silver or Black/Gold with the 16 piece set also available in Rose Gold/Black (my personal favourite) I will add a link to their store shortly,

Thank you for reading, 

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