Makeup Revolution-Mermaids Are Forever Palette

Worth the pennies?? OH YES BUY IT!!!

That is the answer that should come at the end of the post but I love this palette so much that I’m just going to skip to the main question. Now for the rest of the information


The quality for such a low price is nuts. But please don’t put the prices up!!! So there are a couple of things that I would like the brand to work on and these are that the pale, highlighting shades are a little bit chalky, crumble and don’t seem to show up no matter how much I tried to build them up. However, these do show up a little better when a primer is used underneath. (I used Revolutions, ‘Focus & Fix Eye Primer Brighten’) The other issue is that the small amount of matte shades in there just don’t apply or show well at all. Especially The shade ‘Creature’ on the 2nd row. That little one did not like me in the slightest, with or without primer. (maybe a tiny tiny bit better with primer though) So they are the only things I wasn’t all that impressed with.


The rest of the Mermaids Forver palette is lovely. A really nice touch is that all their makeup cases have a large mirror.  In this one there is also a plastic sheet with all of the shadow names on.  Very useful indeed.  For the price this feels amazing quality.  I bought a similar palette from another brand which was double the price of this.  I was so disappointed,  it felt cheap and tacky like it should be sold at £0.99p on a market stall, outside in the rain with a board sign saying ‘get your cheap and tacky makeup here’! Anyway this isn’t the case with The ‘Mermaid Forever’ palette or with any of the other cosmetics from ‘Makeup Revolution London’ (I have quite a collection now) Ok so I’m waffling a bit now, here are the beautiful swatches I have done from this collection.  I have done separate ones for primer used and no primer used.  (I like to be helpful like that).

First row no primer used

mermaids 2

First row with ‘Focus and Fix Eye Primer Brighten’ used

mermaids 2 primer

I find the first two shades underwhelming/wishy washy but after that, all of the colours are vibrant and shimmery, especially when used with a primer.

Second row no primer

mermaids 3

Second row with ‘Focus and Fix Eye Primer Brighten’ used 

mermaids 3 primer

As you can see, the second shade ‘Creature’ just didn’t seem to like me 😦

Third row no primer

memaids 4

Third row with ‘Focus and Fix Eye Primer Brighten’ used 

mermaids 4 primer

I absolutely LOVE this row, every single shade applies beautifully

Fourth row no primer

mermaids 5

Fourth Row with ‘Focus and Fix Eye Primer Brighten’ used 

mermaids 5 primer

The last row is also a nice, vibrant one but I think the third one is more colourful.

To sum things up on the Mermaids Forever 32 Ultra Eyeshadows, I think its beautiful. As I said there are a couple of things I don’t like about the mattes and the highlighters on the first 2 rows and I do recommend using a primer but other than that, its amazing quality for only £8.00 and personally think it is on par with the big brands. Just pleeeeeeeeease don’t put your prices up Makeup Revolution!!

Thank you for reading, 

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