Crystal Healing

Keep An Open Mind…

I am not religious and I know that some people think that you have to be religious to believe in all kinds of spiritual mysteries that haven’t been explained…yet. But this isn’t the case. I am actually a very strong Atheist but I have a very open mind when it comes to the possibilities of things that work with scientific theory and evidence. Someone telling me that events happened for 100% sure because it says so in a book doesn’t quite cut it for me. Anyway, I wont carry on about my thoughts on religion because I will never shut up. This review is about my recent experience with Healing Crystals.



Is It Really All That Far Fetched, Think About It…

Before I talk more about the Crystals, I will just explain about some things that I DO believe in and why. I only consider and believe in things that have a sufficient amount of hard evidence or reasonable scientific possibilities to back it up. So the first thing I do believe in is that we all have psychic ability in us. The myth is that the human only uses 10% of their brains so just imagine what the rest of it is capable of (well you probably wont be able to because we are only using a ridiculously small amount to even begin to consider the possibilities). Think about when you have the feeling that the phone is going to ring or that something is going to happen. This doesn’t mean I believe in the cheap, phony, money grabbing people at the fairground or at the seaside with a crystal ball predicting the future but when you think realistically, our brains must be capable of amazing things, picking up on senses, feelings, energy that we just don’t realise exist but fortunately I believe that some lucky people do get to experience a little more than the rest of us. The second is the possibility of spirits/ghosts/apparition’s , (whatever you want to call them) I don’t believe that they are dead people that have come back to haunt us but I do believe in the more scientific reasons. It is said that even Albert Einstein had a scientific way of explaining how this could happen. I found this whilst doing some research…

‘The answer is very simple, and not at all mysterious. After a person dies, the energy in his or her body goes where all organisms’ energy goes after death: into the environment. When a human dies, the energy stored in his or her body is released in the form of heat, and transferred into the animals that eat us (i.e., wild animals if we are left unburied, or worms and bacteria if we are interred), and the plants that absorb us. If we are cremated, the energy in our bodies is released in the form of heat and light’

Basically energy doesn’t just disappear, it stays around and apparently absolutely EVERYTHING gives off energy.



Everything And Anything Gives Off Energy…

So if it is true that everything gives off energy, then so must things such as stones/rock and crystals. I wasn’t aware of Crystal Healing until recently when my dad came across a ‘Healer’ purely by accident, she spoke to him about issues he had and she wrote down what Crystals would help him with his problems, not physically but mentally (I myself am not sure how these crystals could work with physical issues but I wont rule it out until I try it) Now my dad is one of the biggest sceptics going when it comes to things like this but he went ahead and got these Crystals (baring in mind he wasn’t buying them from her, wasn’t having a healing or reading session from her, she was not benefitting from this in any way) he began to keep these crystals with him in a pouch in his pocket and started to have different outlooks on things, his anxiety of being in crowds calmed down, he said that for some reason when he has these crystals with him he feels more at ease. So at this point I said no way, it will just be psychological but we came to the conclusion that even if it was just that then it was having a good effect so might as well just go with it. But then it got me thinking that if absolutely everything and anything gives off energy then there could actually be some truth in this?


How Do They Work?

Apparently the energy that comes from Crystals, which is made up of its structure and chemical make up work with the energy that your body creates through vibrations. Obviously we give off both positive and negative energy, so depending on what Crystal you are using, the energy from both the Crystal and your body work together to balance things out and to alter certain emotions and feelings. These are not things that can change the future or perform miracles but all of this energy around can work together and I honestly believe that this method has the scientifically and very realistic possibility of making a difference to the way we think and the way we are.

Rose Quartz Angel


Give It A Go…

As my dad had actually found some truth to all of this I decided to check it out. I am not going to go into any detail about what I need help with and what I am looking to balance out in my life because we all have our own issues and experiences to deal with, Therefore it is a very personal thing. So I had a look on Twitter and reached out to a lady called Rachael via her page ‘Natural Healing Shop’ I spoke to her and explained about what happened with my dad and my issues and if she would be able to help me. We spoke in depth about things and she explained how Crystal Healing works. After our chat I told her that I would like to give it a go and to write up a review. First of all she asked me to go onto her website and pick a crystal that I was drawn to. I was a bit sceptical about whether I would actually be drawn to something but I surprisingly was. . I have a thing about Angels, as I said I am not religious but I do like to think that if by any chance at all that there is a spirit/energy looking out for me then it would be my grandmother ‘Rose’ who I was extremely close to and died when I was 18. She also liked the song by ‘Abba, I Have A Dream, which includes the lyrics ‘I Believe In Angels’ I also gave my daughter the middle name of Rose in her memory. Now this little angel that I was drawn to before I even saw the name of it is crafted out of ‘ROSE Quartz Crystal (spooky stuff eh)

Rose Quartz Crystal


Quartz Crystal is known as the Master Stone because of its strong abilities that work in a slightly different way to the other Crystals. Again I am not going to go into this because all of the information is on Rachael’s website which I will put a link to at the end of this review. There are descriptions of each Crystals properties on there and how it works with your body energy to heal. It really is very interesting and will be purchasing more Crystals. I really cant explain how this little Angel makes a difference to me because you probably wont believe it. But all I can say is, please do not knock it until you have tried it! The reason why I love this so much is because as far fetched as it all sounds, it actually makes a lot of sense scientifically. If you are interested and intrigued by all of this then I would suggest getting in touch with Rachael and just have a chat. She also offers lots of services including healing sessions which I have also experienced by her. I wont go into that as I have only had one session which was also a very surprisingly, moving experience that I will definitely be doing again. So as I said please contact Rachael at ‘Natural Healing Shop’ for more information

Thank you for reading and I hope you have an equally pleasant and surprising experience as me, I would love to hear from you if you’ve also experienced or are interested, or if you are a healer and I have given any wrong information out so I can change it,

Thank you for reading,

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