Coastal Scents 56 Shadow/Blush Palette

Having both blush and eyeshadow in the same palette is just what I have been looking for. I cant stand having a thousand separate palettes cluttering up my makeup bags/cases/drawers (I have soooo much stuff) . Also I am going on my holi- jollies in June so this kind of thing is perfect to take with me, but sadly it wont be this. If I could take some of the eye shadows out and add them into my existing palettes then that would be spot on.




I will get the disappointing bit out of the way first. When I first held this palette it actually felt really nice, it is matte casing and I love the large mirror inside but unfortunately that’s where the praise for that stops as when i opened it up i found this …




…and looking at how little glue is under the pan I am pretty sure the other ones are going to start falling out too.  Inside it looks tacky and very poorly made.  It reminds me of my 9 year old daughters cheap makeup set I got her for Christmas.  They have obviously gone for the ‘lets make it as funky as possible’ option but I really don’t like it, which of course is my opinion only.  (but seriously it looks crap shhhh)




Putting the poorly made casing aside for now, I will move onto the actual product. Ive done all the swatches with primer and the camera flash on.  So first up is the blush.


The first shade is near enough invisible but the rest aren’t bad at all


As you can see, the first shade is just one big heap of nothing,  you can slightly see the second but if I hadn’t put flash on the camera then there would be nothing to see.  The last four shades are actually really nice shades and well pigmented.  So now onto the eye shadows, finally something positive to write about.


First and second row eye shadows, vibrant/apply well, especially love the highlighters

first and second

These are the top two rows and I am especially impressed with the highlighters. My favourite brand at the moment is ‘Makeup Revolution London’ and the only thing I haven’t liked in some of their palettes has been the poorly pigmented, chalky highlighter shades, so if I could take these ones out and stick them in my ‘Makeup Revolution 100 Awesome Eyeshadow’ collection then that would be…’awesome’   These and the rest of the colours are a collection of mattes and shimmers which are all vibrant, highly pigmented and apply really well.


Second and third row, again I am really impressed with the paler shades

second and third

The next two rows are the same, nice and vibrant, apply well and I love the paler shades.  They show up without needing a lot of building on.  Again these are a beautiful mixture of vibrant mattes and shimmers.


The last row, I am absolutely in love with the first three shimmer shades

last row

These are also highly pigmented shadows, the first silver metallic one is beautiful!  Some of the deeper purple shades are a little bit repetitive but still they are lovely colours.

The ‘Coastal Scents 56 shadow/blush palette really has some great quality makeup in there but is let down by the casing and how poorly it is made.  I wont be taking this away with me as all the shadow pans look like they are going to fall out, and whilst there are some really nice colours in there, I already have similar ones in another palette.  The only reason I would need this would be for the amazing pale/highlighter shades only.  Its a massive disappointment because my favourite brand don’t do an all in one palette at the moment. (although I have put in my request so fingers crossed) So to sum things up, this has great quality, highly pigmented makeup that is unfortunately let down by the really cheap and tacky casing.  Hopefully this is something that others have reported and will get resolved soon but until then I am sorry to say that i wont be buying ‘Coastal Scents’ palettes again. Please let me know your thought and views and thank you for reading,

Thank you for reading,

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