Alicry Trinkets

Thanks to cheap jewellery and accessory shops such as Claire’s Accessories, clothes shops and even the supermarkets that now just sell about anything and everything, we don’t get to see or hear about unique pieces made by small businesses anymore.  I suppose I might sound a little old fashioned to some, but I think its really sad and a huge shame.  So I am absolutely loving the work that I’m doing as I am coming across some amazing quality products that just aren’t put out there for all to see but definitely should be!  One of these businesses is ‘Alicry Trinkets’.




Who is ‘Alicry Trinkets?

The Creator, Designer and owner of this company is Buffy, a 46 years old mum to four boys and grandmother of five living in Lincoln, UK (how she finds time to actually make jewellery with that lot is beyond me, but I am glad she does) She started out making jewellery in 2013 just as a hobby for friends and family, but also to relax her due to health problems.  She then started to get requests through social media after her work was posted online and so ‘Alicry Trinkets’ was born in 2015 (the name ‘Alicry’ is a bit of a concoction of two of her grandchildren’s names, which is a lovely personal touch).


Gorgeous butterfly anklet

Most of Buffy’s jewellery items are silver plated, nickel/zinc free and copper based, although she does have some silver items too.  She also makes other accessories such as this beautiful Sun catcher. (I love all of Buffy’s items but this one is my favourite)


Purple Heart Sun catcher



She prides herself on attention to detail and customer satisfaction, which is very clear to see just by the quality of her items, how she runs her business and by the obvious passion she actually has for her creations. All her pieces are unique, handmade and if you are after something in particular then it can be made to order, (which is great because I think I might just need this charm bracelet in a few different colours).


fairy ring charm bracelet



Love the fairy charm, Buffy’s attention to detail on these pieces really show



My items came individually hand wrapped in very cute little parcels which were so cute I kind of didn’t want to open them.  Just by having them wrapped in that way already gives it that nice little ‘made with love’ feel to it.




So why choose small companies like Alicry Trinkets?

Small businesses like Buffy’s deserve recognition for what they do.  They aren’t making cheap, tacky, mass made items that are just produced solely to make money.  Accessories at shops such as Primark are usually made in china which are very poorly made and apparently even some of the metals they use can be dangerous which is slightly worrying. I don’t know about you but I much prefer to know that my money is going to a company who makes things that are unique, uses great care and attention to detail, who actually enjoys what they do and aren’t just out there to make a profit.  Obviously we all need to make money in our lives but my point is that people with small businesses like Buffy deserve to get that money instead of big stores who are offering cheap, tacky tat and this is exactly why I started my Pink Sparkle Reviews in the first place, to help promote wonderful products and talented people like Buffy.  Her details are on the business card at the top of this review, please give her a shout and check out her website as her work really is beautiful.  You can find Buffy at

Thank you for reading, 

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