Traded With Love – Clothing And Accessories

‘Traded with love’ is a cute, internet based clothes and accessories boutique. It is founded, owned and ran by Jenna in ‘Georgia USA’.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do a review on her items as such because of the USA to UK ridiculous shipping costs, but I think she definitely deserves recognition for what she does.  Not only is Jenna successfully running a business by herself, but she is doing so at just 17 years old after starting when she was 16! After speaking with her for a few days, she mentioned her age and I was truly shocked because Jenna is a very professional, business driven young woman and no doubt she is going to be just as successful as she first set out to be.


‘Traded With Love’ was born when Jenna wanted to make a bit of money by doing something she loves. Of course like any other business she had to build her reputation up and business was slow at first, but after a lot of hard work, determination and dedication things started to pick up. Eventually she started making a good enough profit to keep her business running and to provide her with an income.  Jenna’s goal is to major in fashion merchandising and marketing, which she is currently saving up to study for (Now I’m from the UK so I am guessing to ‘major’ means to qualify) so that she can expand her boutique onto bigger and better things.  I applaud everyone who has their own business but at just 17 I think this is amazing!


So ‘Traded With Love Boutique’ sells womens/juniors clothes, both new and pre-owned (but in either perfect or near perfect condition) shoes (my favourite obsession)  and accessories at great prices! She has over 300 items for sale at the moment in all different sizes and styles, I came across a ton of items I wanted so I am really disappointed I cant get to them being in the UK.  All companies charge shipping costs on top of the item price so Jenna’s pricing is no different, however she is willing to come to some kind of arrangement if you make a decent offer, within reason! (customers have expected her to pay shipping for them in the past so if you are reading this, don’t be so damn cheeky!!)


As I said I found some gorgeous outfits and accessories on the ‘Traded With Love’ site, this one item below in particular I fell in love with and as I have just gone on her site to get the photo of this dress, I came across some more items I am now tempted with, which I am sure weren’t there before! Not cool Jenna! (I am starting to think I might just have to bite the bullet and pay shipping) Also if you are liking this dress then don’t go and buy it because it is mine! (well it will be)



You can find ‘Traded With Love’ on Twitter @tradedwithlove , Instagram or you can contact Jenna at  She is also offering a further 10% off all her items if you mention that you got to her via ‘Pink Sparkle Reviews’ (that’s me). Make sure you check it out as she has some lovely clothing, accessories, shoes and much more at great prices.  I wish her all the good luck in the world for the future and I am 100% sure that she will be as successful as she hopes to be, Well done! You can find Jenna at @tradedwloveboutique on Mercari @jennalibman on Poshmark or @tradedwithlove on Twitter

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