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Finally I have gotten around to doing a review of my favourite brand ‘Makeup Revolution London’ I have wanted to do a full feature one based on ‘all’ of the products that I’ve used of theirs so far.  These are the blush palettes, eye palettes, highlighters, face primers, eye primers, lipstick and brush cleaner.




Blush, Highlight And Eye Palettes

The number of palettes I’ve had from this company is ridiculous.  I buy them because they look pretty and are at such great prices that I cant resist, but when they arrive I realise that I’ll never use them. So I do my experimenting, swatches, reviews, then end up passing them onto a friend.  (she absolutely loves my addiction).  One of my favourite palettes that I sadly parted with was the ‘Mermaids Forever’ 32 eye shadow (check out my separate review with swatches, its beautiful). But this review is all about the ones that I own at the moment, so here we go…


I have x2 highlighter palettes, x2 blush palettes, x2 highlight and blush in one palettes, 100 awesome eyeshadow collection, 144 eyeshadow palette



For myself, personally, having all of the above is pointless.  As pretty as it looks, the majority is going to waste.  So I went through everything and chose the ones that I use and love the most, I now have just two ‘blush/highlight’ in one palettes instead of six separate ones cluttering up my makeup bag.  As for the eye shadow, I decided that the large ‘144 Eye Shadow’ palette just isn’t for me. I prefer the smaller ‘100 Awesome Eye shadow Collection’ as there seems to be just the right amount of colours. Even though the larger one is just as beautiful, there are a lot of shades which are near enough the same and would never get around to using. So this is the latest present for my friend.




Overall I have not found one single thing wrong with any of the ‘Makeup Revolution’ palettes . They are all highly pigmented, apply and blend beautifully and have great staying power. The blush palettes are just £6.00,  the highlight/blush in one palettes are also £6.00, the separate highlighter palettes are £8.00, the ‘144 Eye shadow Palette’ is now just £10.00 reduced from £20.00,  but unfortunately as for the ‘100 Awesome Eye shadow Palette’, I think it might have been discontinued as I cant find it on the website, which is a shame because I love it. (I will check with ‘Makeup Revolution London’ and ask them what they’re playing at) But for now onto the rest of the products that I own and love…


Face Primers

I have two ‘Makeup Revolution’ face primers.  The ‘Ultra Face Base Primer’ and the ‘Aqua Priming Base Spray’, (there is another one that has just launched, so I will have to have a nosy at that soon)


The Ultra Face Base Primer



This is smooth and silky on the skin but I don’t feel like it spreads all that well.  Its one of those that is best used to cover up certain bits of blemishes and unevenness rather than the whole of the face, and at £5.00 you cant complain. Personally though I like a primer which I can get all of my face covered with easily and quickly which leads me onto one of my ultimate favourite products of ‘Makeup Revolutions’ so far…


The Ultra Pro Aqua Priming Base



This primer spray is for lazy people like me. You just spray it onto your face, smooth it all over and ‘wham bam job done’ in seconds. The only negative I have to say about this is the smell.  (No offence to all the older people out there but it reminds me of a perfume my granny used to wear)!  Other than that I love it!  Again at just £6.00 you cant really complain (but ok yes I can a little bit because I really don’t want my face to smell like a granny)


Eye Primers

These are also excellent items that I could not do without.  There is the ‘Focus And Fix Eye Primer Original’ which is great for the mattes and the ‘Focus And Fix Eye Primer Brighten’ for the vibrant/glitter/shimmer shades.  As I use them daily, they do look a little grubby in the photo but I prefer to show that I do actually own and use these products.  Ive had a few different eye shadow primers from all different brands but this one tops them all for just £2.50 each.




The applicator is really useful to dot the lid with, you only need a couple of spots of it and it spreads so easily and smoothly all over the lid to the brow with my finger. It keeps my eye makeup in place all day and I absolutely love it!


The Amazing Lipstick-Nude

With this its a case of ‘what you see is what you get’.  Its a lipstick that is in the shade of ‘nude’.  Its a nice subtle look for during the day as I don’t like wearing bright colours just to go and collect my kids from school. Its £1.00 so its not got bells and whistles on it and I have to admit the staying power isn’t great but its a good everyday lippy.


13084117_10154116844514691_908060464_n 9200000043764119


Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner

The last product I have from ‘Makeup Revolution’ is another lazy spray that has made one of the most tedious of tasks for me easier, and that is the dreaded ‘brush cleaning’ job. I use this by spraying it onto the bristles, working it in and then swirling it around on a makeup remover wipe until all the makeup and gunk is out.  Another ‘wham bam, job done spray’. (I do tend to do a full brush wash in soapy water once a month too though) This is a 200ml bottle for just £5.00





To finalise this review I am going admit that I am completely hooked on ‘Makeup Revolution London’. The quality of their products for the price is amazing.  In my opinion this company easily matches the higher priced brands. I will admit that I used to be a ‘makeup snob’, always working on the idea of ‘you get what you pay for’, but this brand blows that out of the water completely.  I must admit there are some things that I do prefer to spend more money on such as my foundation, but other than that I am well and truly converted. I have recently tried other brands in the same price range as ‘Makeup Revolution’ but they just aren’t matching up.  This range of cosmetics is amazing! Right down from the quality of the classy packaging, to the products themselves, they are going to be a tough cookie to beat.. So I have now got my daily ‘Makeup Revolution London’ essentials kit instead of a ton of different ones I will never use, which looks like this..


100 Awesome Eye shadow Collection, Golden Sugar Blush Palette, Golden Sugar 2-Blush/Bronze/Highlight Palette, Aqua Priming Base Spray, Focus And Fix Eye Primers and the Amazing Lipstick in Nude which altogether cost £36.00  


If you haven’t already tried this brand then you need to!  They are getting really popular now and receiving all the attention and recognition they deserve. The only problem I have now is that as I have cleared out a lot of the products I don’t need, I have now also provided a huge space for a whole lot more ‘Makeup Revolution’ cosmetics. Ooops what a shame!!

Try them!!

Thank you for reading, 

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One thought on “Makeup Revolution London

  1. I love makeup revolution! I have a few of those items, their eye shadows are my favourite! I was so close to buying the brush cleaner, but I still have some of my B. Beauty one left.


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