My Purrfect Gift Box (Cat Lovers Read On….)

Cats are quite simply awesome!  They are funny, have their own little quirky personalities, do what they want when they want, but still show a ton of love and affection for their families that only cat owners will understand. That being said I am not someone who posts picture after picture on my personal Facebook or on my business Twitter page of my little fur balls, because that would be extremely sad. (sorry to anyone who does actually do that but it is a little tragic) although on a rare occasion I will post a picture as long as its an extra cute one or an extra funny one. But last week Kim and Juan from a company called ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’ kindly gave me the opportunity to take a look at their first, just launched kitty inspired gift box.  Before I go into the actual review I am going to take my chance to unleash the ‘crazy cat lady’ within and introduce Kim, Juan and all you cat lovers to my very own little furry children (and no I don’t mean Amie and Dylan)

Gary and Dee-Dee



Meet ‘Gary’, he’s five years old and the boss of the house. He is the sleek ‘black panther’ of the neighbourhood, but secretly very chilled and loving. He lets the kids do allsorts of silly things with him and doesn’t care who’s lap he sits on. It can be a complete stranger but doesn’t care as long as he is being fussed.  Gary has a very strong brotherly bond with Dylan. When we brought Gary home as a kitten in 2011, Dylan was only one, so they’ve grown up together from being babies. Its really cute to see them together.




Now onto our Dee-Dee, she is a little fluffy, pretty, ‘sassy diva’ and my god she knows it!  Dee-Dee is only two years old and has the strangest ‘Meow’ I’ve ever heard along with the longest, fluffiest tail I’ve ever seen on a cat, which she swishes around like a model on a TV shampoo advert. Unlike Gary, Dee-Dee wont just go to anyone and very rarely settles with us downstairs.  She prefers to have her own private space to sleep but she is a quirky, playful, giddy and funny little character. She struts around everywhere with style and even though Gary is the boss most of the time, she will push him right out of the way when it comes to food.




Ok, so now I have introduced you to my little ones i will tell you all about ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’.  The companies mission, which is founded by Kim and Juan, is to make a difference to the lives of cats across the UK by donating to charities, shelters and sanctuaries.  You can also be a part of what they do by subscribing to the UKs first ever ‘feline inspired’ monthly gift box.

Kim and Juan




By subscribing to the ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’ you will be contributing to a donation which is made to a different selected charity each month from the companies profits.  The gift box which you receive will be full of different surprises every time, full of treats and goodies for you and your kitty/kitties.  I was surprised at just how beautifully packaged it was and also for the super fast delivery. Another nice touch was the personalised hand written gift tag.  I’m a very sentimental person so little gestures like this really stand out to me..



So what’s in the box??



Gary was in the front room with me when I opened up the box.  As I was emptying the contents he shot over and started going mad over a little bag of treats,  it was so funny to watch and couldn’t understand what he was going mad at.  Then I came across a little ‘catnip fish’  which must have been next to the the bag of treats in the box because as soon as he figured out where the smell was coming from he turned to attacking the little fish, very much like a lion attacks a giraffe in the wild. I have given them catnip toys from the supermarket and pet shops before but neither of the cats have showed any interest whatsoever. This one little fishy however must have really been full of the good stuff! Unfortunately for Dee-Dee, Gary claimed this one for himself, so she didn’t dare go near it when she came in.  Infact Gary claimed everything, including my prezzies!




Whilst Gary was killing his ‘catnip fish’ we came across another cat toy which Dylan decided to wave around a little too quickly in front of Dee-Dee’s face.  Because of this she seemed to have an instant hatred for it, but after some gentle persuasion she couldn’t resist making a swipe for it in the end.



Finally onto my prezzies. Hurray!!!!! I received a bright, funky cat umberella which was hugely welcomed as my rubbish £1.00 poor excuse one from poundland blew inside out and broke last week! A few other goodies included a lovely photo frame with a print on it which Kim and Juan fell in love with a while back and wanted to share with the rest of us cat lovers.  Then there was a cute little ‘cat in flowers’ temporary tattoo and some notecards with envelopes.  Unfortunately I have only ended up with the umberella from Aprils box due to Amie claiming the rest.  She has used all of the notecards which would have really come in useful for birthday invitations,  the cute photo frame is on her bedroom dressing table instead of mine, and the tattoo has been on her arm for the past two days with her reasoning being that I already have enough real tattoos so don’t need any more.  Which is a fair enough reason I suppose. So I better tell you how to go about getting a goody box each month and helping Kim and Juan make a difference to our beloved little fur balls across the UK


‘My Purrect Gift Box’ offers two different size boxes to suit your budget, which are the ‘My Purrfect Gift Box Standard’ which includes 3-5 full sized items each month starting at £20.95 per month, there is also the option to add gifts for your kitty starting at £27.95 instead.  The other one is the ‘My Perfect Gift Box Lite’ which includes 2-3 full sized items. (these are chosen from the standard box) starting at £15.95 per month.  Once you have chosen your monthly subscription, your box is hand packed every month with cat themed finds from across the globe that you wont find on the high street.  Your gift box will be filled with different surprises each month and delivered by first class to your door.  You can also do a ‘one off purchase’ which I think is great to have sent to a cat loving friend or relative as a present.  The best thing about subscribing to ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’ is knowing that you are really making a difference to help our many cat sanctuaries and shelters across the country, although I’m pretty sure that Gary will tell you that its the catnip fish!   You can find more information and subscription details on Kim and Juan’s website.   So all of you cat lovers out there who want to contribute to our feline charities, check out how you can do it at,

Thank you for reading, 

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