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One of the main reasons why I am enjoying working with these small businesses so much is that I am coming across some amazing people who are making unique and quirky products that I/we would never usually come across.  The other reason is that I am getting to know the people behind the business. Rather than just seeing a label that says ‘Made In China’, I am getting to know and share with everyone just where a product has come from, who made it and why.  We don’t realise what is out there anymore because everything is mass made, shipped from abroad and put in one shop. Which is great for convenience but its stopping us from having to actually shop around. These days you can go to the local supermarket and get just about everything in one place.  Jewellery, shoes, clothes, food, electronics, toys, appliances, the list is endless.  I am guilty of it myself, at Christmas time I usually go to somewhere such as Argos, pick everything out of a book within half an hour and job done, but its this that is stopping us from finding something different. There is nothing unique about what we buy anymore. There are probably thousands of people walking around with the same bracelet or necklace on as you because you’ve bought it from a popular high street store, where everyone else can get their hands on the very same exact item.  Even though we look at it and say ‘ooooh I like that, its so different and unique’, its really not!   Starting ‘Pink Sparkle Reviews’ has opened up my eyes to the world of business/quality items and to the amazing people behind the products, who are doing the work that they love. I can honestly say that I will be shopping in a very different way this Christmas.

So last week I received some interesting items of jewellery from ‘Binky’s Trinkets’ that I have to say I have never seen anything like before and I think its awesome!



‘Binky’s Trinkets’ is owned by Leanne who is 37 and lives in Kent.  She started up her business when she became so fed up with her boring 9-5 job that she decided, with a little encouragement from her partner to quit what was getting her so down in life and do something that she loves instead.  I completely agree with her when she says ‘life is far too short to be stuck doing something that you hate day in, day out’.  Obviously some people like to work that way as they enjoy structure and routine in their lives. But for people like myself, Leanne and all these wonderful, interesting  people that I am doing reviews for, its just not enough. So she set up her very own little fun, modern work place right from home in her basement.  Another thing that I am always interested in is just what has inspired the companies owner/owners when choosing a business name and in this case for Leanne, it was her nans nickname ‘Binky’. . When Leanne said that she was sending me two necklaces for review I purposely didn’t ask anything about them so it would be a surprise.  When I opened the package to find jewellery that was bright, fun, quirky and just something really different, it put a smile on my face. Now I will admit that these particular ones aren’t my style but I have had a look on her shop site and she has some beautiful stuff on there.  My daughter has claimed these two particular ones I have been sent though (just like everything else in the house, she’s not even 9 yet!!)

Other Binky’s Trinkets items


The items that Leanne makes and sells are just so different and its really refreshing to see! As like with most other small businesses,  Leanne started off by making things for her friends and family and then building her business up. You can tell straight away just by looking at the pictures that these products are extremely well made.  This is the problem with buying items in our local shops, we are throwing our money away at this mass made rubbish when we are missing out on quality items made by people who love and enjoy what they are doing.


The chains including the clasps are silver plated, lead free, nickel safe zinc alloy.  Basically they aren’t made out of cheap crap that is going to irritate your skin.  They feel really well made, look really well made and quite simply its because they ARE well made! They feel nice and heavy, not like plastic rubbish in the accessory shops which are probably worth about £0.20p but are being sold at £5.00.  Leanne only uses parts from UK sellers and companies both to show her support to our own businesses and to ensure great quality, which i think is fab!!  These items are completely made and sold proudly from the United Kingdom! You go girl!!Respect!!


I love the cassette tape and the anchor bottles!  They are all really cute and fun and I am pretty sure that you would be able to find a piece of jewellery that either represents someone or represents their hobby at ‘Binky’s Trinkets’.


My favouirite necklace out of the two Leanne sent me is the Campbells Tomato Soup one, which was inspired by ‘Andy Warhol’s iconic art.  ( I have absolutely no idea who that is but I intend to do a google search to find out) also, its a little ironic as I hate tomato soup! But on a serious note, if you know someone with a particular hobby or interest then I bet you can find something for them at ‘Binky’s Trinkets’, here is where you can find and support Leanne and her quirky business..

Facebook – Binkys Trinkeys UK

Instagram – @binkystrinkets

Twitter – @Leawilko3

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