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Growing up there was absolutely nothing sentimental about my parents or the family home. There was just the three of us, mum, dad and me.  In my 32 years on this planet I think I may have heard the words ‘I love you’ from my mum once! Luckily my grandmother (my mums mum) was completely opposite and showered me with constant love and affection. I craved my mums attention growing up and I vowed that when I had children I would do everything in my power to make sure that they never felt that way. The three simple words ‘I love you’ are exchanged every single day in our house and I believe that they are the most important words a parent can say to their child.  There is not one single night that hasn’t been finished off with a ‘night- night, love you’. I am not saying that we are a perfect, everything is all good and smooth sailing kind of family, as believe me there are many arguments, tantrums, door slamming, silent treatments, shouting, drink and food spilling, brother and sister rivalry, but when I drop my kids off at school and hear my son say to his sister ‘Love you Amie, (of course she isn’t as touched by it as I am as he’s just her annoying little brother) it reminds me that our house is full of love and that’s how it should be. I am a very sentimental person, more so since I had the kids and always collecting, adding things to my memory box, but other than photos I haven’t really got anything on display that means a lot or represents us as a family. But a few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review for a small business called ‘Lilah Blue’ who hand makes and sells home accessories/gifts and I now have something really, very special sat on my fireplace for all to see!!!


Lilah Blue is owned and ran by Gemma, a busy stay at home mum of two boys aged three and nine, and to their little 18 month old princess ‘Delilah Bluebell’ (who really should be getting legal advice as her name is being used for a business yet she is not on the payroll, bless her little cottons).

Gemma and Delilah Bluebell


The amount of love, interest and dedication that goes into these handmade gifts is obvious just by looking at them, but its also knowing that anyone who makes items such as these really must enjoy it, to fit it into their busy lifestyle in the first place.  The particular item that Gemma sent me takes about 10 days to make, so if she has a few orders on at a time, plus being mum to three young kids, its going to take a lot of dedication.  She offered to make me a personalised photo frame and until I had a look through her website I thought she meant just a normal standard frame to put a photo in, but when I saw what she meant I fell in love.  The main feature of these frames are the little peg people, they are absolutely adorable. These are what make her frames unique and special as they can be whatever and whoever you want them to be, it is a photo frame but you can also have quotes in there etc. so I asked Gemma if she could put my favourite family one in there.


This is honestly one of the most loveliest things I have ever received.  You can just see how much love, thought and effort has gone into making sure it is especially personalised to me and my family.  You’re not going to come across something as special as this by shopping at your local supermarket for a gift! Gemma was constantly making sure that I was happy with things as she went along, which also shows just how much she enjoys running her business.  Of course not everyone like my own mum is sentimental and appreciates things such as this, but to families who mean the world to each other and like to show that love is very much alive in their home then ‘Lilah Blues Home Gifts And Accessories’ are perfect for you.  There are many other things that are handmade by Gemma and all look amazing, so please do have a look on her website because these make perfect gifts for friends and family.  A peg frame such as mine with 2-4 people is £20.00 and Gemma discusses all the details, hair colour, eye colour, clothing etc. to make sure that it is as personalised and as special as it can be.  I absolutely adore my gift and want to thank ‘Lilah Blue’ for giving me something that I can put on display and keep forever for my little family.  Check Gemma’s store out at . I would much prefer to receive a gift like this at Christmas instead of a mass made standard photo frame from one of the gift/card shops.  I am coming across so many wonderful things by doing ‘Mixxit Reviews’.  Thank you again ‘Lilah Blue’

Thank you for reading, 

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