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When it comes to makeup or nails I like lots of PINK SPARKLE! so when Goy at ‘Make Unique Bags’ offered to put me on a bag and make it all PINK and SPARKLY, I was extremely excited!!..and OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! (The only problem is that I love it so much I daren’t use it in case it gets damaged. But its amazing!) So here is some information about the talented lady behind these unique bags…


Goy is originally from Thailand, has been living in Solihull for the past 11 years, Is married, has two daughters and unbelievably before running her business ‘Make Unique Bags’ she was wasting her creativity on being an…. accountant!  (no offence, its a great job if you are a 9-5 office kind of person) but like myself and most of the other business owners that I feature here on my site, she finally realised that life is far too short to be doing something day in day out that makes you miserable and lose sight of who you are.  What makes Goy so great is that when her friends and family told her how irresponsible she was being for throwing her career away to be a full time artist, she just went ahead and did it anyway…and succeeded! (I love it when an ‘ I told you so’ opportunity comes up!)


So Goy at ‘Make Unique Bags’ does exactly that, makes unique bags! and fantastic ones at that!  They are created and personalised especially for you, as when you go to the order form it asks for information such as hair colour, eye colour, outfit idea, theme etc. all so that it is made as special to you as possible. For my bag I emailed over a couple of photos of myself, so that’s always a good thing to do to help her out. Obviously I knew that my bag was going to have me on it, and be pink and sparkly, but I didn’t know any other details so it was a lovely surprise when I received it.  I especially love that I am holding onto my laptop!!  .



The detail and the thought that goes into these art pieces are amazing, (just take a look at some of the previous ones she has done on her website)! Goy even offers a bridal package which includes a personalised bag for each of the bridesmaids. its a lovely idea for when you are stuck trying to figure out how to say thank you for all their support on your big day (not that I would know as I am still waiting for my prince charming to show up) These bags are extremely high quality and everything about ‘Make Unique Bags’ is professional.  The website, Goy herself, the business cards she sends out and I love the cute little thank you tag on the handle which adds that extra special little touch.


These bags make perfect gifts for all ages and I am planning on ordering one for each of my friends for either birthdays or at Christmas.  My daughter is also desperate for one after seeing mine so I can see me ordering one very shortly.  Goy is a busy lady and at the moment has a waiting list of around 2-3 weeks. So if you are wanting one as a gift to someone, make sure you give her plenty of notice!  A bag such as mine costs £29 but they range from between £20-£30.  ‘Make Unique Bags’ also offers other gifts such as hoodies, phone cases, clocks and much more.  Goys creations are perfect for the rest of you girly, quirky and fun ladies out there who like to put their own unique stamp on the world. Check out these amazing bags and other personalised gifts at

A massive THANK YOU to Goy as I absolutely love my ‘Sam bag’! and you certainly have the right to say ‘I told you so’ to every single person who ever doubted you 🙂

Thank you for reading, 

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