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As you know, I absolutely love all of my makeup and beauty products, but before all of that you need to take care of your personal health and hygiene. Your oral health being one of the most important, a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body. I will openly admit that my view on toothpaste and mouthwash has been that the supermarket brands do exactly the same job as the more expensive products our dentists recommend.  But it seems I was wrong.  Up until a month ago when I started using this brand, I had always suffered with bleeding gums when brushing, but now thanks to BlueM…problem solved!  This company offers a range of oral care products that uses their unique ‘oxygen formula’ which I have been very pleasantly surprised with.


The formula was created by Dr Peter Blijdorp and his team of oral surgeons and dentists in Holland, its actually a really interesting story on how it all came about, but I will leave you to check it out for yourself at .

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BlueM is suitable for all kinds of oral health care, such as healing of damaged gums, implant care or just to make sure that your teeth gums and mouth stays fit and healthy. There is also a lot of information on the website that explains all the scientific process and the ingredients behind the formula but I never was any good at science at school so I will leave that bit for you to check out for yourself also. Luckily there is some key information that I do understand and can share with you right here…So what does the ‘active oxygen formula’ in BlueM products actually do for your oral health?

-It prevents and repairs inflammation

-Accelerates the healing process of wounds and oral ulcers in the mouth

-Eliminates harmful bacteria

-Stimulates the blood flow through the formation of blood vessels

-Stimulates bone regeneration

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For the past month I have been using the BlueM toothpaste, mouthwash and mouth spray.  I can honestly say ‘hand on heart’ that these products have made a huge difference.  I also gave my dad a set to use and he was absolutely gutted when he ran out as he said that his teeth have never felt so clean.  (I think it was a hint for me to give him some of mine but not a chance) So here is some information on the three that I have been using.

Blue M Toothpaste 75ml   bluem-toothpaste-75ml

Priced at 12.50 EUR (approx 9.60 GBP)

-Contains high concentration of natural oxygen

-Eliminates bad bacteria

-Contains no scouring ingredients

-Penetrates deep into the tissues


Blue M Mouthwash 500ml mouthwash-500ml

Priced at 14.95 EUR (approx 11.50 GBP)

-Reaches places that your brush cant

-Alcohol free – doesn’t dry the mouth out

-Prevents receding gums

-Contains a neutral PH value


Mouth Spray 15ml mouth-spray-15ml

Priced at 5.95 EUR (approx 4.60 GBP)

-Long lasting fresh breath on the go

-Relieves sore throats

-Eliminates bacteria

Both the toothpaste and the mouthwash instantly makes your mouth feel a different kind of fresh to other brands. Thanks to this I no longer have bleeding gums and my teeth are a lot brighter and whiter than they have ever been.  The mouth spray is also great for when you are on the go for a quick freshness top up.  I wasn’t too keen on it at first as when you spray it, it has such a powerful, strong burst with a unique flavour that it gives your throat a shock. But after using it for a while I have come to really like it.  Its a strange taste at first but it settles down to a nice fresh mint. Even though these products are a little more expensive than the stuff you can get at the corner shop it really does make a huge difference, especially to those who suffer with mouth ulcers or bleeding and inflamed gums like myself. BlueM is manufactured and shipped from the Netherlands, you can order straight from their website at or here in the UK through .

Please check out the links I have provided for more information and a massive white teeth smile thank you to the Blue M team for my now healthy gums and whiter teeth.

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Thank you for reading,

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