Damsel In D-Stress (Womens Emergency Essentials)


I was sent these three cute little ‘Damsel In D-stress’ kits before fully knowing what they were about, so when they arrived it was an interesting surprise as I can honestly say I have never come across anything like it before. I absolutely love the modern funky packaging and I have to say this product is genius! .


These arrived just in time for me to review the travel one whilst away in Tenerife, and it just so happened to be extremely useful. In these cute little themed purses, 24 items are included which you would never think to carry around with you.  The kits have mostly the same essentials in but with maybe a couple that differ such as the festival themed pack which has a flower headband in.  I have given this particular kit to a friend who is going to the Glastonbury festival this year so I look forward to her feedback, which I will also add onto this review. (if it hadn’t have been on the contents listing I would have nicked the headband out of it first though)



So as I have used the travel kit myself I will explain just how useful it was whilst I was on my jollies.


All of us women have to go through that horrible time of the month, but what’s even worse is when you go through it unexpectedly, at completely the wrong time.  Well this happened to me on day two of my holiday and I really did become a ‘Damsel In D-stress’ until I remembered in this very kit were two little life savers to rescue me until I got to a shop. On day three my friends toe nail polish chipped and she asked me to re paint them.  Again this kit saved the day when I found two packets of nail polish remover wipes, which I have to say we were extremely impressed with. They came out of the foil really dry but somehow just one of these wipes took every single bit of polish off every toe quickly and easily. (I’m planning on asking for a box full of these) Day four was when I found a little hole in my new black dress and luckily found this…


Day five I stubbed my toe on the apartment coffee table which was saved from leaking everywhere with a plaster out of the kit, and around the pool these little deodorant packets came in very handy along with the cute little mirror.

Day six the kit provided another friend with a hair band after hers snapped and luckily after that there was no more emergencies. But thanks to this kit I was prepared for all kinds of situations with items that would have never crossed my mind to take. Personally I think these make excellent gifts for friends and family to stick in their handbags for times when you end up being an unexpected ‘Damsel In D-stress’, which when you think about it, can happen at any time. So here is some information about the people and the company who came up with this amazing idea



A group of women were trying to come up with the perfect gift for us females and they decided, and quite rightly so, that we need a bit of everything!  All of lifes essentials in one package, small enough to fit in our handbags. ‘Danielle Creations’ was founded in 1969 and since then has been a leading supplier of cosmetic accessories, mirrors, toiletries and beauty accessories to the UK and to Canada. The company has become hugely successful over the years and supplies to many popular UK retailers such as Argos, Superdrug, Booths supermarkets and in 2015 had an exclusive product launch with ‘John Lewis’.  At the moment there are two different travel sets,  two sets for the festival goers and four different ones to choose from for your everyday needs. You can find these little life saving ‘Damsel In D-stress kits at http://www.danielle-ltd.co.uk for £13.45 each.


So when life throws them little emergencies at you, we quite literally are ‘Damsels In D-stress’ but its nice to know that with these kits you don’t have to be. We have all been in situations such as when you come across a stray hair that needs plucking with tweezers, which you also need a mirror for, or when you have an unexpected monthly and need a little life saver to get you by. When you have a blister on a night out and need a plaster or when feeling a little sweaty and need a freshen up with a deodorant wipe.  All of these items and many more are included in these kits and I think its an awesome idea!

I am really looking forward to hearing the feedback from my friend about the festival kit as I am positive that she will come across situations where she finds herself in distress and is saved by most of the essentials included.  I will add the details on at a later date.  This product is definitely worth checking out and I am sure it will come in just as useful to you as it has me,

Thank you for reading, 

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