Ellies Handmade Art-Ethical Accessory And Jewellery Design Shop

‘Mixxit Reviews’ is all about showing the world that there are many, many unknown businesses out there who are making amazing products by some extremely skilled people and ‘WOW, THIS GIRL HERE GOT SKILLS’!!


‘Ellie Hawkins’ is a talented artist and jewellery designer in Barcelona, who describes herself as a ‘Magpie trapped in a humans body’ (LOVE IT) She has an eye for all things colourful and sparkly and creates beautifully handmade, bespoke, individual pieces of jewellery which I have luckily been given the opportunity to review


Ellie started creating jewellery in 2014 and hasn’t stopped since.  She uses ethically sourced materials at every point she can and feels very strongly about the issue (and quite rightly so).  The pieces she makes are all high quality, original and unique.  The above is a set she made for me specially, made out of my very own birthstone ‘Turquoise’. (I have to be honest…I didn’t even know what my birthstone was!, you learn something new every day). Unfortunately I am unable to wear the earrings as I have really sensitive skin, but I’ve worn the bracelet numerous times now and received tons of compliments.  I wore it most evenings on my holiday as i find it has a real summer, exotic look and feel too it (if that makes sense?)

My Turquoise holiday bracelet

The detail and the thought that goes into these pieces is clear for all to see.  I would absolutely love to walk into a jewellery shop and see items such as this for sale knowing they are pure quality and 100% unique.  It makes it so much more precious and meaningful compared to going into shops such as Argos, choosing a bracelet out of a book and having it picked out of around 100 duplicates sat next to it in the stock room. All of Ellies work is amazing but here are a few of my favourites from her website..

Absolutely stunning unique ethical jewellery

There are so many more beautifully unique items such as the above available at Ellie’s store and I would love for you to check it out!  Super talented and highly skilled people just like Ellie really do deserve our custom and support. You can find the above items and more at http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ellieshandmadeart along with more information about her and what she does.  

Thank you for reading,

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