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Recently i have been contacted to review for a jewellery company who specialise in ‘Nickel Free Hypoallergenic Products’ and the offer came at just the right time. Both myself and my daughter have extremely sensitive skin and whilst my body accepts gold, unfortunately my daughters doesn’t, and so ‘Hypoallergenic’ has become the only option.


I allowed my daughter to have her ears pierced four years ago at ‘Claire’s Accessories’. They pierced with stainless steel (which according to them is the norm these days),  ‘professional piercers’ at a studio will tell you a very different story but luckily we had no problems. They healed quickly and she was over the moon with her piercings.  This was great until a few years later when the school started asking her to take them out for sports class.  I have absolutely no problem with that, what I do have a problem with is that my daughter is extremely ditzy (takes after her mum) and was losing on average about two pairs of earings a month.  The first time a pair disappeared I replaced them from ‘Claire’s Accessories’ but to say they were only stainless steel, they weren’t cheap. When she lost a second pair I decided that it was absolutely pointless spending a fortune on one pair of earrings that were only going to last a couple of weeks.  As her ears seemed to be fine with stainless steel I came to the conclusion that any metal would be ok.  So we tried silver.  Within a few days her ears were swollen, red and infected.  I then thought that perhaps her skin was like mine and needed gold jewellery, so we tried gold studs. The same thing happened, her skin rejected it and became swollen, itchy and sore. We even went back to stainless steel but they didn’t want to settle this time either.  I went to various jewellery stores to find out if they had an alternative jewellery type for sensitive skin but unbelievably there was nothing!


Over the years I have also had problems with the different types of jewellery that I can put into my body.’ Claire’s Accessories’ had a go at my second hole lobe piercings which resulted in me having to take them out.  I then also tried a professional piercing studio who reassured me by saying ‘Titanium is the safest metal for piercing and cannot cause any problems’.  Unfortunately this was not the case and again they became infected. (this business was shut down within a year for bad practice, which kind of explains a lot) But this time I was determined to find out what the problem was and even though it hurt like hell, I switched the jewellery over to gold  and ‘hey presto’, not a problem since.  After that I decided I wanted my Tragus piercing on both sides. (if you don’t know which part of the ear this is then see below) I was extremely nervous because of the past issues, but I had finally managed to find someone with some genuine knowledge and experience in the world of piercing, at a highly recommended piercing studio.  Unfortunatly they don’t pierce with gold anymore so we discussed the previous problems I’d had with Titanium. He explained that there are different grades of the metal and the one that must be used to prevent any complications and infection is the ‘Surgical Implant Grade Titanium’. and it was a strong possibility that this had not been used at the piercing studio I had originally been to.  So nervously I gave him the go ahead and have not had a single problem with either of my favourite piercings since I had them done two years ago

Tragus piercing with ‘Surgical Implant Grade Titanium’ flower jewellery


So at last I had found a type of jewellery for us that could go into piercings and not cause any problems for both me and my daughter..But why isn’t it available for all to buy? it seems wrong that the only place you can get this ‘Surgical Implant Grade Titanium’ is at a professional piercers.  But luckily and finally someone has come up with the idea to make this special ‘allergy free’ jewellery available to everyone in a much easier way..



‘Key Sensitive Jewellery’ have contacted me to help spread the word that this kind of jewellery needs to be made available to everyone and I 100% support them. The company was founded by Sarah and Mark, a husband and wife team who had the annoying issue of not being able to wear costume jewellery to compliment their outfits.  (I mean Sarah had the issue, not Mark) due to sensitive skin. I myself constantly wear the same earings due to ‘Hypoallergenic Jewellery’ not being available in our high srreet shops, and I can say its a right pain in the backside! At the moment Sarah and Mark only sell earrings on their website, but their plan is to sell all different kinds of jewellery specialising in ‘Allergy Free Hypoallergenic Products’ and I honestly believe that this could be the start of something big!

Here is a little information that I’ve taken from the ‘Key Sensitive Jewellery’ website explaining a bit about this ‘allergy free’ jewellery…

1. Discovered by a Clergyman and mineralogist William Gregor in 1791, in Cornwall UK. Gregor was an original member of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall.
2. Named by Martin Heinrick Klaproth the leading German chemist of his time, after the Greek mythology Gods – The Titans.(first sons of the Earth), He discovered Uranium (in 1789) and Zirconium (in the same year).

3. Titanium is a naturally occurring element found in the Earths crust it only makes up about 0.57% of the Earths crust and also on other ‘M’ class planets.

4. Titanium is known for its high tensile strength to weight ratio & will not float. Its is as strong as Steel and twice as strong as strong as Aluminium.
5. Last but not least its Hypoallergenic & does not react with the human body, it is now used to make Surgical Implants (like hip replacements) also surgical instruments plus Jewellery (Earrings & Rings)


The main thing I like about ‘Key Sensitive Jewellery’ is that the earrings come with normal butterfly backs.  The ones that I have had from my professional piercer have all had disc type backs and they are a little awkward


‘Key Sensitive Jewellery’ offer two different brands of ‘Hypoallergenic Jewellery’. These are ‘Blomdahl’ who’s prices range from £14.19 to £47.67 and ‘Caflon’ who offer a cheaper range between £5.89 to £6.24 , which I think is the perfect option for our little clumsy ones who cant keep hold of a pair of earrings for longer than a month. You can find more information and prices on their website at . So finally my daughter has got earrings in that she loves that are causing no irritation or harm, she has managed to keep hold of them for the past three weeks but I am definitely expecting to be purchasing a few pairs soon. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review for you, my daughter loves her pretty sparkly earrings and I really hope that our popular high street shops start to take notice.  I am looking forward to the other kinds of jewellery you will be offering in the future so please keep me updated.

My daughters ‘Hypoallergenic earrings from Key Sensitive Jewellery’



Thank you for reading, 

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