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This particular review isn’t on a product as such, I would call it more of a personal service or experience. I have already done a write up for the ‘Natural Healing Shop’ on healing crystals, so you might also want to give that a read.  In this review I am writing about a distant healing session I had.  Its not a straight forward easy subject for me to write about as I really do not understand how it works or why, but I will share with you my own personal experience I had during a session with Rachael.


First I will give a little background on just what the ‘Natural Healing Shop is all about. The business is owned by Rachael Chitrakar, a lady who seems to have this warm, kind hearted sense about her even though we have never met. She has been practising spiritual healing for over 20 years in the Uk, Ireland and India.  Her website offers healing crystals, healing sessions and even runs workshops to teach people how to develop their own healing abilities and to deepen their spiritual understanding.

Rachael Chitrakar


So what exactly is it meant to do?.A healing session is said to help heal the mind, body and spirit.  Rachael works with your energies to remove stress and restore balance.  Healing claims to be able to assist with both physical issues such as migraines, headaches and also with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. In all honesty I cant understand how a distant healing session can work on a physical problem, but of course I cant say that it doesn’t work as I haven’t had healing for physical issues.


My experience can only be described as weird, as in it made me feel weird and weird things happened. I spoke to Rachael first off and explained a few issues that I was dealing with at the time.  After that she asked me to lie down in a comfortable, quiet place, relax and we would talk about everthing afterwards.  I chose my bedroom.  I closed my curtains and got comfortable on my bed and relaxed as best as I could.  (I am rarely relaxed and always very tense).I laid on my side and waited.  First of all everything seemed quite surreal, somehow different and intense, then my body felt heavy and all of a sudden I was crying. I’m not talking about a few tears, I was really sobbing.  I curled up in a tight ball, felt very alone and a deep sadness came over me. I couldn’t figure out exactly what I was so sad about but the feeling was there. A little time after, I started to feel like there was someone in the room with me, the presence felt re assuring and comfortable like someone was giving me a massive hug whilst I cried.  After the crying eased off I seemed to feel lighter, like a pressure had been lifted.  Then I just felt tired, so tired that I asked if I could talk to Rachael a little later as I felt exhausted.  I went to sleep and when I woke up everything seemed odd.  My body was aching and I felt confused wondering if i had imagined it all.  I spoke with her shortly after I had woken up and explained the feelings that I’d had.  She said that my body would be aching because of the pressure and the worries lifting from me.  It is so difficult to explain exactly how it all felt but I feel that something definitely happened to me that day. I persuaded my partner to have a session with Rachael not so long back as he was dealing with some issues of his own, so thought it would be worth a try.  I was also interested to see if he experienced anything, or if maybe I had indeed imagined the whole thing.  When he came downstairs into the living room an hour later looking very spooked, shaken and unable to explain how he felt, I knew it wasn’t my imagination.


I have absolutely no idea how this healing gift of Rachaels works but I can say that it definitely does something.  I am looking to book some more sessions with her soon as I find it extremely interesting and would even like to do one of her workshops to see if I can tap into my own healing abilities. You can find more information about Rachel and the ‘Natural Healing Shop at .As I said, this is an extremely complicated subject to write about so please please visit the website to find out more and contact her with any questions you may have.

If you have never heard of anything like this before then you may be reading this thinking I have gone completely nuts, but If you are an open minded kind of person like myself and decide to give it a shot, then I would love to hear your experiences of your healing session with Rachael. 

Thank you for reading,

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