Aroma De La Vela-Initial Review


When you have arrived home after a busy day at work, or have been running around after the kids all day long, or even if you are planning on surprising your loved one with a cosy romantic meal,  Scented candles are a great way to set a relaxing and calming atmosphere within your home.  Unfortunately I have to admit that I don’t usually bother with them. The reason being that when I pop to the supermarket I can never find any that are interesting enough or the right colour to match my living room. So how cool would it be to be able to say to someone, right I want a star shaped candle, in purple, green and white stripes with a scent of strawberry. Well ‘Aroma De La Vela’ can do exactly that, along with whatever unique combination of shapes, colours and scents you can come up with!


‘Aroma De La Vela’ asked me to review for them by personally choosing three candles of my own concoction for them to make, along with a ‘Beeswax Arch Motif’. My favourite one has to be a turquoise and white striped cone with the scent of ‘Jasmine’ which I loved so much I didn’t want to light it.  These candles without a doubt are made to the highest quality, with love and care.  They aren’t the cheapo ‘Paraffin Wax’ ones you get from your local shop, these are made from either the highest quality ‘Soy Wax’ or ‘100% Beeswax’!! 



Robin and Kirstie are the brains behind this amazing business and like myself aren’t in business just for the money.  Their main aim is to offer great quality service and products for the right reasons.  They genuinely love the products that they make knowing that they are giving their customers a unique and special product without charging a fortune. Obviously there has to be a limit to what magic they can do and offer but they have a seriously wide range of scents, colours and shapes to choose from to make your own candle creations. 



The three coloured candles on the above picture are ‘Soy Wax’. The one on the left is ‘Beeswax’. These ones are strongly recommended to leave as their natural colour. The reason being that the colours don’t blend properly and also damages the scent throw. Along with the unique colours and shapes to choose from, there is also the huge selection of scents, which aren’t just your standard ‘Sea Breeze’ or ‘Lavender’.  Of course you can still go for them kinds of scents but you are given the option to choose from a wide range of new and unique ones.  You can even choose to have your candle smelling of your favourite cocktail with scents such as a ‘Black Russian’, ‘Sex On The Beach’ or a ‘Mojito’.  I chose a cocktail scent of ‘Pure Bliss’ for my ‘Blue Glass Signature Candle’ and it really does smell beautiful.  I’m not really sure if it smells like the cocktail or not as I have never tried it, but I now have an excuse to drink every single cocktail on the scents list purely to help out with research. 



The customer service at ‘Aroma De La Vela’ is outstanding.  Robin and Kirstie were constantly in contact and extremely professional whilst discussing working together and received my products just two days after confirming the order.  I love this product and business idea as its unique and extremely clever, they even give you a little sneak peek into how they make their gorgeous candles right here




I have loved reviewing for ‘Aroma De La Vela’ and there is so much more information I could give you but you should really go and check their website out instead.  The possibilities are endless for you to create your own candles and they really make perfect gifts for friends and family. So why not add your own unique stamp to your home with these beautiful candles made by YOU !!



Start creating your own candles at If there is something special that you require which is not listed on the website, then give them a shout and they will be more than happy to source it for you at no extra cost.

Thank you for reading, 

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2 thoughts on “Aroma De La Vela-Initial Review

  1. I love the candles made by Kirstie and Robin of Aroma de la vela they brighten the whole house. Thank you guys xx


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