Floating Dreams Studio

Sometimes I like to add a little ‘sparkle and shine’ to my life (In a subtle way of course, I’m not talking Mr T style bling). ‘Floating Dreams Studio’ have sent me two beautiful charms to review all the way from Texas, United States! Which I know must have been an absolute pain because of shipping costs over here to the UK, so I am extremely grateful. They arrived quickly with a lovely handwritten note, which I always think adds a cute personal touch.


These are handmade, high quality, (obviously made with love) planner charms, by 23 year old ‘Nha’ who originates from Vietnam.  She is a senior at the ‘University Of Houston’ and studies ‘Mechanical Engineering’.  Yes that’s Mechanical Engineering! I found this really interesting as its got absolutely nothing to do with what she does for work. I was expecting her to say something along the lines of ‘Art and Crafts’. So it seems that Nha is a woman of many talents. ‘Floating Dreams Studio’ is a part time business which started out as her hobby.  I always like to hear that people have started out that way, as it means the business owners are getting to do what they genuinely love and enjoy.


Now I do have to admit that if these were clipped to my work diary/planner no one would ever see them as its usually lying around with a mug of coffee resting on it, or shoved under my computer keyboard.  Personally I think that these are far too pretty to be kept hidden.  I have clipped them ‘both’ onto my handbag for all to see because I couldn’t choose which one I liked best.


These charms are a really effective and inexpensive way of adding a little something special to your possessions such as bags, purses and key rings.


Nha is hoping to ship her accessories to the UK and are priced between £5.06-£6.61.  Take a look at all of her magical charms at https://www.etsy.com/shop/FloatingDreamsStudio

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