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As a Beauty Therapist I need to practice what I preach, therefore I make sure that I always look after my skin with the good old ‘cleanse, tone moisturise’ twice a day routine! When I was studying at college I was trained using ‘Dermalogica’ products, which are known as being one of the best, if not THE best facial skin care range out there! Unfortunately these products do come with a hefty price tag, which means not all of us can afford that type of luxury skin, myself included. 


Unfortunately I have ridiculously sensitive skin, and when I have previously used skin care products by the high street brands I’ve always had problems.  So when I qualified in beauty I started using a brand called ‘Strictly Professional’ which I buy from my local beauty/hair product supplier, and for years now I have trusted nothing else.  So when ‘Delight Touch’ asked me to review for them, I have to admit I was a little nervous to switch over from my trusty brand.



‘Delight Touch’ only make and sell organic products.  The reason being is that after doing research they found that the majority of the skin care products available to us on the high street have got nasty toxins included. When used over time this becomes extremely harmful to our skin, and so they decided to make their very own products, made from natural herbal extracts ingredients sourced from all over the world.  They started out in business making moisturisers and cleansers. but have now added nail and organic hair care, men’s skincare and even a self tanning moisturiser to their range.  So I was asked to review the ‘Rosehip and Nigella’ a moisturiser for sensitive skin and a light, calming cleanser.  I have been using these products for a month now and the results are in…



The first thing that I noticed and loved was the pump bottles. They look professional, are more hygienic, easier to use and leave no mess.  As my reviews are always 100% honest I will admit that I wasn’t too keen on the cleanser.  The only reason being that I found the consistency a little too thick.  I use a cleansing milk, as it is thinner and spreads well, making it easier to remove makeup.  But don’t let that put you off as it is a personal preference of mine, and sometimes I have very strange ones.  It is still an excellent product and smells divine. As for the moisturiser… I am completely head over heels in love! It feels, smells and IS amazing!!


When you apply this product, you instantly get a fresh, awakened feeling just by how it smells.  It also has a luxurious feel too it, making it feel like it cost an absolute fortune.  (but doesn’t) After a month of using the moisturiser my skin feels soft, I’ve had no irritation whatsoever and it has even calmed down the breakouts I usually get before my period.  It soaks into the skin beautifully leaving no greasiness as many of the high street brands have seemed to cause in the past.  If I’m not wearing makeup then I find myself applying it numerous times during the day due to how refreshing it feels. 


More of these products that are healthy for your skin and feel far better quality like ‘Delight Touches’ are the ones that should be available at the beauty counters on our high streets, not the brands which we assume are good just because of their popular branding.  You can get these 50ml bottles of moisturiser or cleanser for £12.00 but there are far more products on their website which are worth checking out.  So if you want top luxury skin care at an affordable price you can find ‘Delight Touch’s’ organic product range and much more information at

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