Aroma De La Vela-October Candle Of The Month

Sadly, my favourite time of the year, Summer and the nice long days are coming to a close, but it also means that we are fast approaching the spookiest time of year, and I have to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween!  Horror movies, the mystery, the awesome costumes, sweets and chocolate, trick or treating, parties..  Its just a really fun time of year where most people make an effort and join in, apart from the miserable people who leave a sign outside saying ‘NO TRICK OR TREATERS’ …BOOOOOO to them!


 So for Octobers ‘Aroma De La Vela’ candle I decided to try and get some colours involved which represented a spooky pumpkin.  In my head I was absolutely 100%, convinced it was going to look like one. Of course no one else thought so, but as usual ‘Sam knows best’.  I asked Robin and Kirstie to bring my idea to life and so specifically asked for a sphere candle, with bright orange and black stripes, a green circle at the top for the stalk with a scent of ‘Black Cherry’ and that’s exactly what I got!.  


Does it look anything like a pumpkin?, the answer is no! not even in the slightest.  I think even my 6 year old son could have come up with a better design than me.  But it is totally awesome! As ‘Aroma De La Vela’ were bringing my pumpkin candle to life I can just imagine them asking ‘what exactly is this meant to be’?.  But of course I know that they love crazy ideas like this because that’s what their company is all about, designing your very own candle to suit you, whether you are a little ‘weird and wonderful’ like me, or are more ‘normal, subtle and sensible’ like most.


So there you have it…my Halloween pumpkin inspired ‘Aroma De La Vela’ candle.  If I was you I would probably ignore my creation for this month as it didn’t quite go to plan but I do have a challenge for you.  Why not have a go at making your very own Halloween themed ‘Aroma De La Vela’ candle at …and don’t forget you can get 10% off with ‘Pink Sparkle Reviews’ code PSR10D

Thank you for reading,

Happy candle making and ‘Happy Halloweeeeeeen’

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