Fade Away (Sleep Sounds)

Sleep is one of the most important things that we need in order to function on a day to day basis.  Without sleep the brain isn’t getting the rest it needs. You aren’t ‘recharging your batteries’ as they say. Studies suggest that 1 in 3 people experience ‘Insomnia’, a condition which causes the sufferer to have an inability to sleep.  I have a friend who suffers with Insomnia so bad that it brings on severe depression and more dangerously vivid hallucinations. Unfortunately this can result in her being admitted to hospital.  Sadly in cases such as these, nothing other than doctors and sleep medication can help.  But for many of us who deal with sleep issues due to stress and anxiety caused by the stressful lives we all seem to lead these days, we can do things to help set the scene for a good nights sleep.  One of these ways is to play some kind of sound that will relax the mind.  My perfect sleeping scene will probably sound a little strange to you but it works for me every time.  No matter what the weather, my ceiling fan is always on! There is also a very loud clock ‘tick-tocking’, and then to top it off I have a sleep app recording which has the soothing voice of a random guy mixed in with a relaxing spa type of music.  Believe it or not even my partner sleeps like a log thanks to my sleep routine.  Although he doesn’t really have a choice in the matter to be honest. 


But its not just us adults who need to sleep properly, Its extremely important to teach our little ones the ability to fall into a relaxing deep sleep right from their very first snooze, making sure they stay healthy, happy and stress free as they grow and develop. When a baby is in his/her mothers womb it is a very noisy place, so as you can imagine, to go from having the relaxing sounds of everyday life .. (such as mummy doing the hoovering or the sound of the hairdryer whilst mummy dries her hair, or just simply the sound of her chattering away to people)..  to suddenly being in an unfamiliar and much quieter environment at bedtime must be rather unsettling.  Because of this, we as parents need to find a way of making this transition as less scary and as stress free for them as possible.


Luckily I never had to go through the desperation of trying to find that one specific sound that would get either of my babies to drop off.  But I have heard the stories of other parents having to stick the washing machine on constantly, or taking their babies out for a drive in the car at 2am because that is the special noise that does the trick. Now instead of all this, there is a website which offers sounds and recordings of every day noises just like these which you can leave playing to help your little one drift off easily.


The business owners (who are parents to these two little gorgeous boys below), dealt with that very struggle of searching for that specific sound which made their little ones slip away to the land of nod.  With their youngest they found it was the hairdryer and for their oldest it was running water into the bathtub a hundred times a day.  But to find which sound it is that sets your little ones off must be so difficult as there are just so many.  To save you the hassle of going around your house turning on every appliance to see if it works, ‘Fade Away Sleep Sounds’ have created a collection of high quality every day sound recordings which you can leave playing to your child to lull them to sleep.  You can choose from household appliance noises, to relaxing nature sounds such as birds and wind chimes, running water or a mixture of spa sounds.  There are so many to choose from that one of them is sure to work! (that doesn’t mean you can blame me if it doesn’t)  More recordings and sounds are constantly being worked on and added to help make your bedtimes easier for you and your baby.

‘Fade Away Sleep Sounds’ have recordings of all kinds for both you and your baby to send you off into that essential sleep that we all need to stay healthy and happy. Please check out their website for more information at http://www.fadeawaysleepsounds.com/


Happy snoozing, 

Thank you for reading,

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