My Purrfect Gift Box-(Autumn Celebration)



Autumn is upon us and its at this time of year where there seems to be so many exciting things going on….Halloween, Bonfire night, MY BIRTHDAY (turning 33 ,eeek) and of course Christmas, which might I add is only 50 sleeps until Santa sneaks down our chimneys.   I am over the moon that I have been given the chance to review for ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’ again who have joined in the mayhem of celebrating everything Autumn by sending out a ‘Harvest’ edition gift cat box packed with lots of treats for both human and feline.  Make sure you give my first review for them a read as it explains just what the business is about and how it works. It also gives you a little background on my own two fur balls… Gary (the black panther) and Dee Dee (the fluffy princess) But right here I will just get down to this months product review..


The first thing which makes me smile when opening up these boxes are the handwritten personalised gift tags.  I am a very sentimental person so little cute gestures like this go a long with me, but of course I’m not the only one who needs to be impressed.  So what’s in Octobers box??…


Before I had even opened the package up properly, Gary was sniffing around and I knew exactly what he was after!.. Just like last time, My poor little princess Dee Dee didn’t get a look in with the catnip mouse…  


….but did manage to claim the edible treats for herself instead!..

Unfortunately due to them both being extremely giddy I was only able to grab a couple of blurry photos.  So whilst my furry friends were busy enjoying their presents…


..I had a good nosy at mine too….


The difference with this gift box to the last, was that I didn’t know beforehand what was going to be in it which made it a really nice surprise.  This one had a cooking theme too it and provided all the tools needed to do some ‘cat themed’ baking. Unfortunately I don’t do baking, or much cooking at all for that matter.  I’m not your stereotypical ‘all singing all dancing housewife’ kind of woman. But they have definitely not gone to waste.  My daughter uses the metal stencils to make ‘Play Doh’ cats and I absolutely love the ‘oven mitt and tea towel set’.  I decided to use the towel as a table cloth though due to it being covered in mini ‘Gary’s’ 🙂

I am sure that whatever is in Decembers box will make an excellent Christmas present for cat lovers and their fur balls, so send someone a ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’ at

Thank you for reading,

Meows and 

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