Aroma De La Vela-November Candle Of The Month


Its Chrrrrrrriiiiissssstttttmaaaaassss!!!! Well nearly anyway.  I actually enjoy the festive time of the year much more as an adult than when I was a child, and that’s because I get to make it as magical as I can for my two little Angels.  Every year without fail I get a little too giddy and put the tree up on the 1st of December, which means that by the time it gets to Christmas day I’m sick of seeing the damn thing.  I have managed to start even earlier this year as I have had my Christmas themed ‘Aroma De La Vela’ candles on display since the beginning of November.


If you saw my Halloween themed candle attempt you will know that I didn’t do the greatest job with my design, so I’m over the moon that I managed to redeem myself with this festive collection of a ‘Gold Star’, ‘Christmas Tree’ and a ‘Christmas Pudding’ which actually has the scent of a ‘Christmas Pudding’ Awesome right!!!!

My favourite out of them has to be the tree.  The detail on it is amazing and smells beautiful. 


As I review for ‘Aroma De La Vela’ each month I am starting to gather quite a collection, the only problem is that they all look so amazing I don’t want to light them.  I literally light them for the photos and then blow them out again.  My children are always saying ‘what is the point in having candles if you don’t ever light them?’ its a fair point so I have begrudgingly agreed to light them up on Christmas Eve when we are all sat cosy in the front room waiting for Santa to come.    


As we are fast approaching the most magical time of the year and you are trying to figure out how to decorate your dinner table for the big day or maybe you are stuck trying to find a present for Aunty Sue, please visit where you can create your very own candles to add that personalised special touch to your Christmas.

Thank you for reading and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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