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Us ladies love a bit of luxury in our lives and with ‘Naturally Sase Skincare’ I felt spoiled rotten as soon as I opened up the package. I always feel extra grateful when companies from over seas send me products to review as I know shipping costs can get pricey, but I feel even more grateful when I receive products from them that make me go WOW!!



‘Naturally Sase’ is all about smart natural skin care which is both multi effective, safe and non-toxic. When I started out as a Beauty Therapist, before all the nail extensions and the spray tans, it was more about enhancing your natural beauty with treatments such as facials, manicures and pedicures.  This range of skin care also shares my passion for everything natural and each product is created with their vision of ‘SIMPLE IS MORE’ and without a doubt (and I am honestly not exaggerating) after using these products for a full calendar month my skin feels amazing! 


The ‘Naturally Sase Advanced Hydra Illuminating Skin Therapy 4 in 1’ is by far my favourite of the two.  It combines the benefits of a moisturiser, serum, eye cream and neck cream all in one tub.  On the product information it claims to leave your skin rejuvenated, repaired and protected against environmental damage, dehydration and dullness.  This 4 in 1 skin therapy does exactly that! My skin has never felt so soft.  The biggest difference I noticed from only a few times of application was just how much more of a healthy glow I had to my face.



One thing that does really annoy me when it comes to beauty and cosmetics is product waste! But with this little nifty design there wasn’t a drop missed.  Push down gently, scoop it up and apply. The consistency is perfect, not too thick, not too runny, just the right mix to apply evenly over the face and neck. You can find all of the information about this miracle skin therapy right here




As I have extremely sensitive skin I tend to have quite a strict ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’ routine, especially when removing makeup which goes a little bit like this…

1-A runny kind of cleanser all over my face to soften the foundation etc.

2-Sensitive skin facial wipes to clear the skin from makeup and cleanser.

3-Tone with ‘Witch Hazel’. I always remember my beauty therapy tutor saying ”the best toner for sensitive skin is Witch Hazel as there are no extra unnecessary ingredients added’ and she wasn’t wrong.  I spray it onto a cotton pad, then wipe over my face to remove the last of the dirt and grime.

4-Finally I apply moisturiser

By using more of a runny consistency cleanser it means I can take it off with facial wipes rather than having to wash it off, and the above routine is just something that I have gotten used to.  With the cleanser from ‘Naturally Sase’ being more of a thicker type which foams up and needs washing off I didn’t really use it all that much.  However, with this being a 3 in 1 multi purpose cleanser I reviewed it as the exfoliator and hydrating mask instead twice a week which of course without a doubt contributed to making my skin feel amazing! You can find more information about this here ..



‘Naturally Sase Skincare really is amazing, but I do have to admit that its a little pricey.  If you have got the cash to splash or you are looking for more of a luxury skincare range then definitely go for this brand, its well worth the pennies and don’t forget you are getting 7 treatments in just 4 large bottles.  The ‘Advanced Hydra Illuminating Skin Therapy 4 in  1’ is priced at $110 and the ‘Daily Cleanser/Exfoliating Hydrating Mask 3 in 1’ retails at $45. Head over to for more of their products and information.

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