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For quite a while now I have been a huge ‘Makeup Revolution London’ fan but lately I found out that the brand creators ‘Tam Beauty’ have added another line to their collection called ‘Freedom Pro’ and I love it even more! I have got quite a bit of their cosmetics and skin care now so will be doing a full review soon, but the point to this review is specifically on their ‘Pro Lipstick Collections’. I don’t know about everyone else but I have a tough time when it comes to choosing lip colour.  The problem with ordering it online is that the colours never look like they do in the pictures.  The problem with buying in store is that you cant see what the colour looks like on.  Then there is the price, for a good quality, long lasting lipstick you are talking a minimum of around £5.00 just for one. So when I saw that these collection boxes each containing FIVE long lasting professional lippy’s were priced at just £5.00 I got a little giddy and ordered six of them.


I have to admit that I probably wont get round to wearing every single lipstick as a few of the shades in some of the boxes are very similar but at that kind of price it would have been silly to buy single ones.  When it comes to showing off these colours it would have been much easier to swatch on my arm, but I don’t think that it helps.  You can only tell what a lipstick looks like when it is on your lips.  So I sat for an extremely long time applying and then taking off, with every single one of these 30 lipsticks.  As you can imagine this did take a long time and would have taken even longer if I had used lip liner, so some pictures do show a little bleeding round the edges.  So here are the collections..


Untouched, Mannequen, Naked Beauty, Whispers, Sooner Or Later


Midnight, Darkness, Noir, Twighlight, Watching


Real, Protect, Truth, Naked, Raw


Candy Sweet, Wildflower, Tell Your Friends, Flushed, Pink Lust


Game On, Juicy Lips, True Power, You Had Me At Hello, Adorn


Memory, Retro, Flashback, Dated, Nostalcia

As I said, quite a lot of the shades are very similar but having so many to choose from means that I have been able to find my perfect colours. These lipsticks feel great to apply, very creamy, comfortable to wear, great colour and long lasting.  So instead of buying one great quality lipstick for £5.00 you can now get a whole collection of five for the same price.  ‘Freedom Pro’ is definitely a brand worth checking out. Watch out for my full products review coming soon.  

Thank you for reading,

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