Aroma De La Vela-Jan/Feb Candle Of The Month

Its that time of year where all of the Christmas stuff in the shops have disappeared and in its place we are left with romantic cards, beautiful flowers, big fluffy teddy bears, love heart inspired gifts and just that general special ‘love is in the air’ Valentines feeling!



Many of us will be planning a perfect romantic evening for our partners (for those who aren’t planning it then get planning!) and of course candles are an absolute essential for creating that warm, fuzzy feeling.  So here is the perfect time to get designing a personal touch candle for your loved one which will make your evening extra special (and get you brownie points for going that extra mile, ‘wink, wink’ ). 



The above Valentines inspired candle has a yummy scent of strawberry which I thought was perfect for the occasion.  But of course you can choose your very own colour, shape, design and scent with the ‘Aroma De La Vela’ candles.  Head over to to create your own.


I am really looking forward to our Valentines Day coming up, as for the past two years myself and my partner have been apart. I never used to be a soppy person but when you find the love of your life everything seems to change.  (I am so sorry if that made anyone feel a little nauseous) We are actually going away for our ‘lovey duvvy’ night and this candle will definitely be coming with us to add that special romantic glow to the hotel room. 

I hope you all have a lovely Valentines, don’t forget that its not just about couples, its about everyone who is special to you in your life..

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