Aroma De La Vela-March Candle Of The Month


Spring time is officially here!!  We have sprung the time forward an hour for lighter nights.  All of the flowers are starting to bloom, spreading bright colour everywhere and we are having much milder, sunnier days.  I am finally able to get my clothes out on the washing line instead of spending a fortune using the tumble dryer, which in my opinion never makes your clothes smell fresh anyway! Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons of the year, and it always feels a relief when we say goodbye to the doom and gloom of Winter.  So for this months candle, I wanted it to represent that lovely, bright, fresh, Spring/Summer feel and personally I think we nailed it!…


For the Spring multi coloured jar I couldn’t quite decide on just a couple of colours.  I also couldn’t decide on just a couple of scents, so we ended up with eight different colours all with their own separate scent. The colours and scents are chosen by you.  For example.. the ‘Green Pillar’ has been given a scent of ‘Orange’ and the ‘Purple Pillar’ has a scent of ‘Sea Breeze’ You really can mix and match whichever way you like..Pretty clever right?!


At there are all kinds of colours, shapes and scents to choose from, which is what makes ‘Aroma De La Vela’ so unique and is the main reason why I love them so much, but also because the owners Robin and Kirstie are awesome!


Because you are the designer of your candle, it means that you can be as creative or as subtle as you like.  For my Spring/Summer themed glass candle I have to admit that I made it a little more complicated on purpose just to test Robin and Kirstie, sorry guys!! but in the nicest possible way of course to show off their talents. 

Layers and scents from top to bottom..17327978_10155130009519691_1640055189_n


Fuchsia Pink-Satin Sheets

Turquoise-White Musk

Orange-Orange And Lemon

DM Purple-Jasmine

Fluorescent Green-Lilly Of The Valley

Light Pink-Pure Bliss

Light Blue-Blue Orchid

Light Gold-Pineapple





I am really enjoying this months candle and getting through the different layers, it brightens up my living room and smells amazing.  Have a go at creating your own Spring candle at

Thank you for reading, 

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