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I will start off by saying that this blog is waaaaaaay over due.  I have actually had these pads now since before Christmas, but on the plus side it has given me a decent amount of time to use and review them.  For the most part of last year my favourite brand was ‘Makeup Revolution London’ but all of my love is now devoted to ‘Freedom Pro’.


When it comes to my makeup collection I like to have everything in one place taking up as little space as possible.  When I was going through my ‘Makeup Revolution’ addiction I ended up with about 6 different eye palettes, a bronzer blush palette, a pink collection blush palette and about 3 highlighter palettes.  This was particularly a problem when it came to travelling,  so I trawled the internet to find a makeup brand which combined blusher and eyeshadow into one palette and I came across the ‘Coastal Scents 56 Shadow/Blush Collection’.  You can find my opinion on that in one of my blogs but to sum it up it was pretty poop and I think it actually went in the bin.

seriously poor quality 😦 …


So for a short while I had to make do with my trusty thousands of palettes but only until I discovered that the company ‘Tam Beauty’ who are behind ‘Makeup Revolution’ had other brands available and that’s when I found my new love.  They give you the best shadows in one pad and the best blush/bronze/highlighters in another.  I have already done a ‘Freedom Pro’ lipstick blog so make sure you check that out to see just how much you can get for your money!

These by far are my favourite makeup palettes EVER!! The eye palette has every color I could ever need.  It includes mattes, shimmers and glitters of everything from neutrals to brights, and the blush palette offers a large range of blushers, bronzers and baked highlighters. I’m absolutely gutted that I didn’t do this review with swatches sooner because I love these ‘Pro Artist Pads’ a thousand times more now that I’ve seen each and every shade on the skin.  There are quite a few of these shadows and blush that I hadn’t bothered to touch because they didn’t really stand out to me, but after doing these swatches I feel like I’ve got a whole new collection.

Freedom Pro Artist Pad-Extreme Vice Animal  (eyeshadow) £15.0018600797_10155367659554691_1697278963_n

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Every single colour that I have swatched from both of these pads had just one layer of application.  The pigment is amazing especially in the shimmers.

Freedom Pro Artist Pad-Backstage Red  (blush/bronze/highlight) £15.00


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These collections from ‘Freedom Pro’ are reasonably priced at £15.00 each, which you can purchase direct from ‘Tam Beauty’ or ‘Superdrug’ online.  If you are in a hurry for your order then I do suggest buying from ‘Superdrug’ as their dispatch and delivery times seem to be quicker. I hope you have enjoyed and found this review helpful, these pads are perfect for people who prefer to have all of their much loved makeup in one place and to top it off I’ve actually found my own review useful…high five!!

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  1. These look so good, I have seen Freedom around a lot and haven’t tried much from their brand! I think I might look into them, because Makeup revolution is one of my favourites


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