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As we grow its always nice to keep a little magic in the air, especially if you have children and a great way to do this is by giving fairies an opportunity to enter your home and sprinkle some love over the family.  ‘Christie’s Crafts’ is the place to go to get your very own, beautiful ‘Fairy Door’.   


Christine started off her business by selling cards, baby items and other gifts alongside the fairy doors, but it was soon apparent that it was the fairy doors in particular that people were interested in, this makes ‘Christie’s Crafts’ the best place to go because now she devotes all of her time and effort into making these beautiful, magical items.  These doors are all individually handmade with a huge amount of love and you only need to take a look at the smallest detail to see that.  


As always with Mixxit Reviews I like to know the brains behind the business, so why does Christine do what she does? Being a mother and a grandmother herself she likes to help children develop, she knows that most children believe in fairytales, which means that these kind of gifts given to a child will ensure endless magical fun using their own imagination and creativity, which always comes in handy as we grow.  Also of course they just look really pretty 🙂 


When I was asked to review for ‘Christie’s Crafts’ I had honestly never heard of a ‘Fairy Door’, but as soon as my children walked into the living room they shouted ‘Mum you’ve got a Fairy Door!!’ and then my daughters friend came along for a visit who also said ‘Sam you’ve got a Fairy Door!!’ So it seemed that I was the only person who didn’t know what one was.  Of course Christine did educate me on what these lovely little gifts are for so I was able to review for her.  If you also don’t know what a ‘Fairy Door’ is, then I shall educate you too…


 A ‘Fairy Door’ is a magical portal which allows fairies to travel from their world to ours so that your little munchkins can imagine and create their own stories.  Maybe they could put their baby teeth at the door and see if a fairy takes it, even leave a note with all of their worries and problems or sometimes fairies just like to leave children a reward just for being their wonderful little selves.  There are even cute little accessories to collect and add to the scene so that children can explore their imagination even further…


the ‘Fairy Door’ that I have been given is extra special to me, firstly because Christine travelled a long way so that she could hand deliver this gift, and secondly.. because me and my children have been going down a bumpy road in life lately, so have decided that our door is one that will lead us into a brand new and amazing chapter.  My son is also completely and utterly convinced that our Christmas ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Rosie will come to us through this door, and you know what? I think she just might do too.  😉

Our family Fairy Door

Fairy doors start from just £6.00 and the accessories from £0.30p.  There are so many different styles and colours to choose from that I haven’t been able to feature all of them in this review, so please head over to to see just how beautiful her work is.  As we head into the Winter, there are even festive doors with complete village sets to choose from, where your child’s own ‘Christmas Fairy’ could travel through to say ‘Hello!’.


Thank you for reading and I hope it gives you some ideas to add a little magic to your home..

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