Patook-The Strictly Platonic Friend Making App


Nowadays it can be seriously difficult to meet new people.  Especially when you are a single mum who works from home and doesn’t really get out and about. All over the app stores on our mobile phones are tons of dating apps. But what if you don’t want to date? you have suddenly just come out of a relationship, you are lonely and need someone to talk to?  Well this very thing happened to me only a couple of weeks ago.  I would say this is a review/blog, ‘I’m killing two birds with one stone’ as they say.  First I will explain just what ‘Patook’ is and then I will tell you why and how I came to be on it. 


‘Patook’ is as the title says ‘a strictly platonic friend making app’ I have found apps that claim to be purely for friendship, or ones where you are able to set your status as ‘looking for friendship only’ but lets face it, no one is ever looking for just friends on a dating site. But this app is different! They take their ‘looking only for friends’ thing so seriously that they have a system which monitors messages, it detects flirting behavior and blocks a user who is there for anything other than friendship.  You have a profile where you add your photos, write a description about yourself,  fill in all of your likes/dislikes etc.  You can take questionnaires so that it can match you up with people who share the same interests.  There are lots of filters and settings so that you can find people in your area or simply just find people to chat with online.  You can do the swipe left/swipe right thing and get mutual matches for potential friends.  I have only been on ‘Patook’ for a week and so far I have met two people who I chat with daily.  There is a lovely woman who lives in Scotland, she is proving to be a very interesting person but due to where she lives I think that will stay as an online friendship, the other woman lives only about half an hour away, so I think a catch up over coffee or something is definitely on the cards. It truly is ‘The Strictly Platonic Friend Making App’ which is claims to be! So why am I on ‘Patook’?….


…Well a few weeks ago I had my heart broken for the second time by the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.  We had split up once before and we got back together as I thought we had been given a second chance for a reason.  Promises were made and a year and a half later they were broken.  Our relationship ended out of the blue, abruptly with confusion for the second time.  Twice me and my children had been given this huge family who cared about us and twice they were snatched away from us over night.  One day there, the next gone.  Luckily when the first break up happened my children were a lot younger and didn’t really understand so they bounced back quickly.  This time we are all struggling.  We have all been left confused, heartbroken, lonely and unsettled.  We are taking each day as it comes and plodding on through.  The kids will be ok, they have friends and family on their fathers side, but me on the other hand its not so easy.  I hadn’t just lost a boyfriend when we broke up, I lost my very best friend.  We did everything together, it was me and him against the world.  Now, when my children go to bed at night and go to their dads at the weekends I have a painful empty feeling both inside the house and inside of me.  My reviews and blogging keep me busy but it doesn’t exactly provide me with company… 


One night when the kids had gone to bed and the house went silent,  I just sat there thinking.  I couldn’t concentrate on the TV and decided that I just really needed to get my life back, meet new people and try new things. I had already deleted all of my social media because I knew that if I stayed on it there would be a pretty good chance of me stalking my ex and pouring my heart out to our mutual friends or people who were on my friends list who in reality couldn’t give a damn about my drama.  So that wasn’t, and still isn’t an option.  Should I get on a dating app??? NO NO NO!! and NO! the last thing I need to do is use some poor guy as a rebound and distraction to my heartache. 


So I went on my mobiles app store and typed in ‘friendship apps’.  I tried a couple of other sites before I came across ‘Patook’ and I’m not going to name them but they were pretty useless.  One had about ten people on there and the other was being used as more of a dating app.  I started to think that the kind of app I was looking for simply didn’t exist and that there was no one else in the world who was going through the same kind of thing as me and who really needed to meet new people.  I feel so lucky that I stumbled across ‘Patook’, of course as I downloaded and joined I was skeptical and thought it would be the same as the others but it truly is, 100% hand on heart fantastic for meeting new people! There are so many people just like me…single mums who need to get out and get their life back on track, people who have moved to a new area and would like to get to know the locals or simply people who enjoy online chatting, with absolutely no risk of anyone being on there who is looking for more than friendship.  Messages with flirty kind of chat don’t even make it to your inbox! 


Obviously it takes quite some time for a person to become a true, close friend but I believe that if you are in the same kind of situation as myself then this is a really good way to potentially find your BFF.  If you are interested in giving ‘Patook’ a try then head over to or search for it on the app store/play store, also I have been given a coupon code for me to share with my readers.  Just enter SAMANTHA and this will enable you to get premium membership, (basically you will get much more than what the free version offers) So happy chatting and happy friend finding..

Thank you for reading,

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