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When I was asked to review a lipstick for ‘VIP Cosmetics’ their first question was ‘What colour would you like to try?’ If I was choosing clothes then it would have obviously been black because that’s all I ever wear, but when it comes to makeup I get all girly, so I chose pink. Well technically its their ‘L126 Fuchsia’ but to me its just BRIGHT PINK which is awesome! But choosing this shade was also beneficial to them as they had literally just launched it so I was more than happy to test it out for them.

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The first thing I noticed when I took off the lid was the smell, it has got this gorgeous sweet scent to it like a scented lip balm. But the thing about this lipstick that really made me fall in love with it was when I put it to my lips. It is soooo creamy and applies beautifully. With this lippy there is no need for going over it a couple of times to bring the colour out. It is right there on your lips as bright as in the photo in one smooth swoop.  

vipcosmetics_lipstickgold_L126_Fuchsia_2-2I have always bought cheap lipsticks (I’m talking £1.00-£3.00) that smell and apply chalky but after using ‘VIP Cosmetics’ I now understand why its worth spending just that little extra cash.  So not only do they smell amazing, look amazing and apply amazingly, they are also long lasting, contain vitamin E to nourish and moisturize, are hypoallergenic and most importantly..100% cruelty free!  I decided to test its staying power on a birthday night out where I was having food and lots of drinks. As with other cheaper brands, you expect to need a top up of your lippy after every drink.  But nope not with this one.  Even after a few hours of eating and drinking it still looked like this…


VIP Cosmetics have a whole range of makeup and if the quality of their lipstick is anything to go by, then I’m pretty sure that the rest of their products will be equally as amazing! 

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VIP Cosmetics are manufactured in the US and sold worldwide.  They are priced at $11.00 so roughly around £8.42 here in the UK.  I honestly can’t praise this brand enough.  My ‘VIP lipstick’ is my go-to lippy every time I go out and it never fails me.  I also get quite a laugh at my boyfriends expense when I wear this lippy as he ends up with bright pink lips all night after he’s kissed me..cruel I know mwahaha.  Make sure you check out the gorgeous ‘VIP Cosmetics’ website here at

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