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My favourite kind of people are my fellow weird and wonderful ones.  The people who just don’t quite fit in with the mainstream. Who just don’t feel the need to wear the latest trends or must have the latest ‘In thing’, who are unique and proud of who they are and never afraid to be themselves. As soon as I looked around the ‘Boutique Of The Kitsch & Strange’ I knew that Aeyshea Jones was one of those people because her shop oozes weirdness and I love it!!! 

Aeyshea Jones


Aeyshea is a qualified artist from Swansea who creates out of the ordinary, unique pieces inspired by her personal experiences, identity and memories.  I find her shop absolutely fascinating and whilst Aeyshea has recently moved onto creating jewellery, her main passion is painting. I feel extremely lucky to have had a personal, one off piece created for me to review by this extremely talented lady, and it is something that I will treasure forever!

Phoenix, From The Ashes

New Phototastic Collage

Meet ‘Phoenix-From The Ashes’  She is a mythical bad-ass creature version of me.  Her wings are bright, beautiful and powerful.  Just by looking at her face you can see this girl means business.  Phoenix is based on the fiery side to my personality.  She is a confident, strong minded, independent woman who is extremely grounded and knows what she wants out of life and is prepared to fight for it.  I absolutely love how Aeyshea has expressed my strength in a painting so beautifully and magically in her own style as an artist, and I am so grateful to her for this piece of work.

‘Boutique Of The Kitsch & Strange’ is jam packed full of weird and wonderful pieces of art.  I find myself going through Aeyshea’s online shop wondering about the story and the inspiration behind each piece.  Here are some of my favourite items on the website at the moment.

Day of the Dead Bust Blue Cobweb | hand painted & styled | Coco £100

Custom One Off Alice in Madness Inspired Charm Necklace £25.00

If you are like myself and Aeyshea who enjoy all things weird, wonderful and out of the ordinary then please do check out her shop at  It really is an amazing place full of weird and wonderful things that will amaze, confuse and inspire you.  

Thank you for reading and stay weird, 

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