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When it comes to jewellery I keep it simple. I like to wear jewellery that I don’t need to take off.  The reason for this is if I took it off each night then I would more than likely forget to put it back on in the mornings.  Or there is the possibility of it getting lost, a bit like when my partner bought me some diamond earrings for my birthday.  I didn’t want to wear them all the time with them being too valuable so I put them in a safe place. A year later and I still haven’t remembered where that safe place is.  I’m sure they will turn up at some point, well I am really hoping so because my boyfriend is not a happy bunny regarding the situation.
95f2ef05cbe0c1ce6182b2551ea6ae64The other issue that I have when it comes to jewellery is that I can only wear gold or titanium due to sensitive skin, so when Paul from ‘Pangolin Creations’ contacted me to review a ring I was absolutely gutted because he works mostly with solid 925 sterling silver and the last time I tried silver (from H-Samuel) my finger tuned red, itchy and swollen, so since that I have always stuck with white gold.  But after actually seeing his beautiful, unique jewellery and after a lengthy discussion we decided that it was worth seeing if his silver reacted with my awkward skin in the same way as the high street shops.



The first thing that caught my eye about ‘Pangolin Creations’ were the crystals used in the jewellery.  As a highly spiritual person I am drawn to them and use raw crystals during meditation but had never actually thought about getting jewellery with them in.  Straight away I chose this beautiful solid 925 sterling silver ‘Moonstone’ ring.


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Moonstone when caught in different light
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Crystals are used for all kinds of spiritual healing, you can easily find out what properties they have on the internet when choosing jewellery for this purpose, and if you aren’t really interested in the meanings behind them then you have lots of beautiful, bright coloured ones to choose from, plain stacking rings, bands, earrings which are all solid 925 sterling silver.  

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When I received my ring I put it on thinking that within an hour my finger would be itchy and irritated.  its now been a week and I haven’t taken it off.  There has been absolutely no metal reaction whatsoever.  Pauls theory is that the sterling silver jewellery I’ve had before could have contained nickel which may have been the cause of irritation. This beautiful ring has become part of my ‘never take it off’ jewellery.  I am proud to wear it, Its comfy, its solid, its hardwearing and it looks stunning!

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So why choose jewellery from a small business like ‘Pangolin Creations’? 

The founder/owner always has a story.  Paul has had a few different professions but has mainly gone from inking people to hammering silver. He was a tattooist who was getting bored with not being able to do his own kind of art.  People mostly go into a tattoo parlour with their own ideas and designs.  Paul wanted to be able to create and express his own art and now as a silversmith feels he can do that.  The name of his business comes from the fact that he loves ‘Pangolins’ which up until doing this review I had never even heard of.  Apparently they are the most trafficked animal in the world and Paul chose its name to raise questions and awareness about what a Pangolin actually is.  As I was wondering what it had to do with jewellery Paul openly admitted that they have absolutely nothing to do with each other.  Random but cute 🙂 


The pieces are unique.  When you are choosing from a jewellery catalogue or in a shop on the high street you most certainly will find a piece of jewellery that you fall in love with, but unfortunately you also know that thousands of other people are wearing the same ring/necklace/earrings and it takes away the originality. At ‘Pangolin Creations’ there are no big repetitive mass made productions going on.  Each piece is 100% individually handmade by Paul in his house. Custom orders are always welcomed which of course adds even more uniqueness.  


The jewellery is of higher quality. Just by looking at these pieces, you know that a lot of hard work, time, love and care has gone into it. It is being made by someone who truly loves what they are doing and are proud of every single item they make. Each piece of jewellery is 100% hammered/filed/polished by hand. The metals are purer and the crystals are chosen by the silversmith himself so that only the best ones go into his work. Because Paul has a passion for what he does, it is reflected in his work. paulThanks to ‘Pangolin Creations’ I now know that I am able to wear real quality solid 925 sterling silver, and its small business owners like Paul who deserve to make money for their talents.  They aren’t doing it just as a job, they are doing it because its their passion. Their business isn’t just about making money, its the satisfaction of knowing that they have created something special for their customers and it is something that they can be proud of.  

Make sure you check out to see all of Pauls beautiful work. Prices start from just £4.00 to £70.00. Custom orders to be discussed. 

Thank you for reading,

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