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The first thing I notice when I walk through someone’s door is how it smells. Or am I just weird? Anyway, personally I think that your house needs to smell as nice as what you do.  I must admit that I probably take this a little too far as I have two plug-ins, a timer squirty thing, two oil burners (this is just downstairs by the way) and now thanks to Only & Eve a beautiful luxury scented candle and reed diffuser set



Now when I say luxury I mean absolutely beautiful, strong (but not too strong) long lasting fragrance filling my living room.  I will admit that the sets are a little pricy but we aren’t talking about the simple £4.99 Air Wick ones you can pick up from your local Tesco’s.  The reed diffuser bottle is huge, long lasting and extremely classy looking.   I have had the scent of ‘Verzenay’ drifting around the house now for about a month and I really have fallen in love with it!




Before I had even opened the boxes I knew these products were going to be special. The beautiful scent hit me before the cellophane was removed and the packaging for this brand is pure class! 



There were six scents to choose from but being a wine lover I decided to go for a nice bubbly inspired option. ..although next time Only & Eve I would recommend sending an actual bottle of Verzenay with the set…you know just for photographic purposes 😉 



Only & Eve are a small privately owned company based in England.  Each gorgeous scented candle is individually hand-poured and the reed diffusers are top quality matching far more expensive brands, leaving your home smelling classy and elegant. 




If you have a candle loving, nice smelling house obsessed friend or family member then I would definitely recommend giving them an Only & Eve set this Christmas.  Of course if they go hunting under the tree they’ll guess its smellies but what they wont know is that this Christmas they have been given something far more special than their predictable ‘same old same old’ gift from Boots or Superdrug.  

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