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Let me start by saying I haven’t read a book in aaaaaaaaages! I used to read all of the time when I was younger. Nothing better than settling down and getting lost in a story that you don’t want to leave. But then mobile phones came along, handheld computer consoles, Kindles, iPad’s/tablets etc…wow I feel like I’m really showing my age here!. (35 by the way in-case you are wondering..I know I know I don’t look a day over 21 😉 ) I am fully aware that the Kindle was an idea to replace books but being one of those ‘it’s not the same if its not a physical book’ kind of people I never saw the point…


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but it turns out that when a story is written well enough it doesn’t matter how you are reading it. I was asked to review ‘Drive’ by Mark West at the beginning of the Summer and I just never seemed to get round to it. After reading the teaser of..

‘When a car full of young lads, out for a joy-ride decide to bring mayhem to night-time Gaffney, they put a couple through the fight of their lives. The result is nail-biting, edge of your seat tension in this gritty, high-octane novella’…

I knew it was right up my street, but with the whole ‘not liking it if its not an actual book’ attitude and only having a mobile phone to read from I will be honest and say that I kept putting it on a back burner, until last week when I invested in an iPad. I brought the book up in the Kindle app and was surprised to see that the screen was a perfect size to read from and had no excuse for not giving this book a shot and I am so glad that I did..


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I have always been the kind of reader that if I’m bored after the first paragraph I wont carry on, but ‘Drive’ had me hooked from the start, I couldn’t put it down and I didn’t want it to end.  It was a perfect read for me and here’s why …

It was intriguing and gritty from the word go by getting straight into the plot. (Well technically from the word ‘David’ in this case 😉 ) No having to wade through ten paragraphs explaining what each character likes to eat for tea or what they do in their spare time before getting into the drama.

It was set in England.  Nearly all of the stories that I have read have been set in America and whilst there is nothing wrong with that it was nice to read through a book and be familiar with the way we say things, our sarcasm, our bad habit of cursing and even the names of cars that us normal working class people drive.  It was very relatable and it pulled me in.

It was realistic.  I can 100% say that what happens in the book is not something I would like to experience but it is something that could happen in the world we live in today.

It was fast paced.  I hate stories that seem to pointlessly drone on. I like a book that is always on the go, always making you want to find out what happens next, to get to the next page and then to the next paragraph.  

There were twists and shocks.  There were lots of things that happened that I was not expecting, that actually made me shout in my head OMG PLOT TWIST! 

and finally it left me wanting more. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I ended the book by saying ‘no no no, it can’t stop there tell me what happens afterwards?!’ but all I know is that I loved reading every bit of it.




‘Drive’ is only a short story by Mark West but he has published over eighty short stories, two novels, a novelette, a chapbook, two collections and three novellas.  By reading this book it just might have got me back into the world of reading and am looking forward to be given the opportunity to read more of this authors work.


Mark West 



So if you are a fan of curling up with something that is fast paced, gritty, dramatic, relatable and realistic from the word ‘David’ then you can find ‘Drive’ at 

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