From launching the Mixxit Reviews website in 2016 I am proud to say that I have done everything myself.  The WordPress support agents are always there for technical difficulties but everything else is done by me.  I come up with all of the ideas, themes, colours, menus, layout, style, content, yadda yadda yadda.




Every so often I have tweaked around with the design but over the past couple of months I have given the website a huge makeover including a name change from Pink Sparkle Reviews to Mixxit Reviews.  The other difference is that this time I have brought in a little help from some small business owners to show off their work and this particular review is for the extremely talented VsArtIllustrations who has created the best avatars (Samatars) of myself to add a bit of fun to the site.


Victoria Shtereva is a digital artist who creates caricatures, portraits, logos, cards, invitations and more from a persons photograph. Of course you can click the link at the end of the review to see all of her work but here are some of my favourites..


Victoria has two methods of working..she either draws onto paper and uploads it or she draws directly onto the computer using the mouse. She must have seriously steady hands when it comes to drawing the finest details because I can’t even do a circle using the mouse on my desktop!

My ‘Samatars’

New Phototastic Collagereview

I have always wanted a caricature of myself but never trusted the artists you see sat at holiday resorts, you never know how they are going to draw you and if you don’t like it then its tough caca, whereas when it is done digitally it can easily be edited. Victoria did so many versions of ‘Samatars’ from one photograph and I am in love with every single one. They have added so much individuality to my website and I’ve become attached to these little cartoon versions of myself. Even the artist herself has a ‘Victoriar’

logo.jpgAfter knowing Victoria for a couple of months now and working with her on a permanent basis I can tell you that she is not only extremely talented but she is a lovely person too, and I am so happy that she has played a part in making the Mixxit Reviews website so unique.

The lovely Victoria Shtereva

New Phototastic Collage.jpg

If you are looking for a really personal gift for a loved one then I would suggest taking a look at the VsArtIllustrations shop. Prices start from $25.00 which is around £19.00 here in the UK. In my opinion when a normal photo is transformed into one of Victoria’s pieces of art, it gives it a new lease of life and makes it all the more special. 


You can find out more information and examples or her work at https://www.etsy.com/shop/VsArtIllustrations

Thank you for reading and I am now signing out with my very special signature ‘Samatar’

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