Kathy’s Art For Keeps

Nothing captures a moment quite like a photograph, but when a photo is transformed into a painting it can mean so much more, especially if you are the one who has painted it.  Kathy Knopp is an artist who uses oils to re-create the special moments in her life. She pours her heart and soul into her work and when I look at her paintings they somehow seem magical.

Sunrise At Hunting Beach


Each piece of Kathy’s art comes from her memory or from a photograph of places that she’s visited over the years.  Knowing that these special places have a piece of her heart really adds depth and meaning to the paintings..and I think that is where the magic comes from.

White Sands New Mexico

When I look at these beautiful pieces of art it makes me realise that there are so many places I have been to around the world but not captured the memory of them with a photograph.  Kathy’s advantage is that she can bring them back to life again from her memory and onto canvas. 

Moonlit Path1-moonlit-path-kathy-knopp.jpg

Kathy explains that she is still on a journey learning how to use oils for her artwork.  I have been told that they are very difficult to work with but her love for bright colours is what draws her to them.  Of course I know nothing whatsoever about art other than what my eyes see but I think that the colours in this slide show are stunning!

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I have really enjoyed getting to know this lovely lady over the past couple of months, Kathy sadly had brain surgery back in 2001 but it reminded her to live every day as if were her last.  She sees, remembers and captures the beauty of everything through her paintings and knows to make the most out of life, which is something we should remind ourselves and our loved ones of far more often..

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So live every day to the fullest and thank you for reading,

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