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Being a mum I obviously have a lot of responsibilities and I try to get through them as best as I can, but I’m not one of those mums who you can call on to bake cakes with, or one of those mums who stand for hours on a Sunday afternoon trawling through a massive pile of ironing, or slaves away in the kitchen all day preparing a slap up meal for the family only to have them scoff it down in five minutes. I am one of those mums who is constantly on the go and wants life to be as simple as possible..


So when it came round to putting name tags in the kids school uniforms this year I bypassed the complicated options and decided to just write on the labels with a black marker pen instead. But then two weeks later when I was asked to review the nice, clear, neat and tidy ‘Multi Stampaname’ from ‘Name Tags 4U’ I really wish I hadn’t used that sharpie!


I received a ‘Name Tags 4U’ multi name stamp, (Multi Stampaname) with one side for my son ‘Dylan Lucas’ and the other side for my daughter ‘Amie Lucas’ the ink pad is included which really smells like marzipan for some reason…yummy! do all ink pads smell like marzipan? anyway..

DGOk-2RXYAAytDj.jpg can have up to four names on a multistamp (single name stamps are available) and then you have an option of adding an icon to follow the name, such as a smiley face, butterflies, princess crowns etc.  These little pictures are great for the little-little ones but as my two are growing up, (far too quickly I might add) I decided to go for the simple option.


So after spending ten minutes childishly stamping a piece of paper for the sake of it I put the name stamp to the test on Amie and Dylan’s school uniforms, which went great..


…apart from my really rubbish aim, but you get the idea.  The ink pad used for the stamp is filled with washable textile ink which means it goes through the wash and doesn’t come off. 


The ‘Multi Stampaname‘ from Name Tags 4U will last through your child’s school years to make life a little easier when a new item of clothing is bought.  Of course there are also stick on tags, iron on tags and sew on labels available for the mums and dads who do like to put extra effort into their parental responsibilities but for mums like me who want a quick fix then this name stamp is for you!  Prices start from £18.00 and you can find more information here at

Happy stamping, happy parenting and thank you for reading, 

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