Kalon Kosmetics-ACHELOIS GODDESS (Part 1)

I cant even express to you just how excited I am about this review, oh wait yes I can…..I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED, SO EXCITED, SO EXCITED, SO EXCITED!! This write up is for a company who even if they hadn’t sent me a product to review, would still be getting one anyway purely based on their amazing business, because ‘Kalon Kosmetics’ have got a truly heart warming story to tell and I am so grateful and proud to have been given the opportunity to share it.


Due to how much information I want to get out there I am going to split this review into two parts.  Here in Part 1 you will find the product review on the ‘ACHELOIS GODDESS COLLECTION’ palette and in ‘Part 2‘ you will find out why this amazing company has captured my heart and deserves so much respect!


The ACHELOIS GODDESS COLLECTION Vol.1 is a stunning cool tone eyeshadow palette which has a mixture of mattes, frost, metallic, shimmers and satin shades.  I am one of those women who can stare at a makeup palette for an hour just admiring its beauty (please tell me I’m not alone) and I’m pretty sure that it took me half of that hour just to take the film off the mirror, you know like when you get a new phone and you dont want to peel the sticky film off…


…but knowing that I needed to take photos of the palette and do colour swatches I begrudgingly removed all of the packaging and got cracking.  I did think about testing the colours out on my eyes but seen as I’m a Beauty Therapist and not a Makeup Artist I decided to leave that job to the gorgeous and talented ‘Kalon Kosmetics MUA’s’. Take a look at their ‘Instagram Pageto see what kind of looks you can achieve with this collection.

Seriously though..That Gold!! WOW! (shade Healer)


The ‘Kalon Kosmetics ACHELOIS GODDESS COLLECTION‘ palette is beautifully made.  The eyeshadow pans are filled to the brim with product, they pop out so they can be replaced and I absolutely love that they are held in magnetically (which I have never actually come across before, is this a new thing MUA’s?). Even though I am not posting any photos of myself in this review I have of course used the eyeshadows on my face.  All of the shades are highly pigmented, long lasting and blend beautifully. The only issue I did have is that the colour ‘Lunar’ doesn’t show up on my skin which is why you cant see it on the above swatch photo 😦


This palette is priced at $38.00 which is around £29.59 in the UK, It is talc free and cruelty free which means no animals have been used or harmed just so that we can have pretty faces.  The price range and quality for this brand matches the likes of ‘MAC Cosmetics’ and ‘Urban Decay’ but there is a huge difference.  All of the Kalon Kosmetics products are inspired, supported and created by life…as in REAL life and all of the struggles it brings, such as Mental Health, Bullying, Lupus, Sjrogens, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Sickle Cell..the list is endless!  Sounds interesting right??

So click here for more information and the second part of the Kalon Kosmetics-ACHELOIS GODDESS COLLECTION VO.1 review.

Thank you for reading,

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