My Spiritual Journey..So Far

Warning…weird stuff going on here..

A couple of years ago, I realised that I have the gift of connecting to and receiving messages from spirit. I always wanted to believe that there was something more to life than what meets the human eye but I don’t think you can get proof unless you are able to experience the paranormal for yourself.  I’ve always had a fascination with the unexplained and remember my grandmother telling me all about her experiences. It turns out that her dad (my great grandfather) was a well known Psychic Medium in his day so had a feeling that something must have been passed through the family, but when I realised that I could actually speak with the spirit world for myself…it all became a whole lot more interesting! 

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It all started when I decided to learn how to meditate. Being able to clear my mind and open up my senses paved way to realising that I am clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant. I have to admit it was probably the freakiest time of my life. I had somehow opened up this gateway to another world and there was no going back. My ears were popping from tuning into a higher frequency, everything seemed louder, I had intense headaches and then suddenly I was hearing a voice in my head. Honestly I thought I was having some kind of breakdown and needed to see a psychiatrist, but then I realised that this voice wasn’t nasty, it wasn’t telling me to do strange or bad was just there!

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So I decided to talk to it, the only way I can describe the experience is when you are having thoughts in your head, but for me there was someone else’s thoughts there too. So after a couple of weird chats going back and forth, I was then shown an image of a woman. Here’s how this works… I am going to say to you ‘think of a blue balloon’ So now you have an image of a blue balloon in your head right?. This is exactly how it works for me but spirit are putting the image there for me instead. So with this image and a conversation which took place entirely in my head, I somehow worked out that the person I was talking to, was a 40 year old Greek woman named Anastasia (who I now know as my main spirit guide).  at this point I was still wondering if I was losing my mind or not but then things got weirder..

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One afternoon a friend of mine (Paula) came round for a brew. (if you are not from the UK, this means having a good old cup of tea or coffee).  Her mum had sadly passed away a few months earlier and as we were sat there having a general chit chat about the bores of everyday life, my head started to feel like it was being squashed.  I zoned out, everything went fuzzy and it felt like there was an enormous amount of pressure on my head.  All of a sudden I thought ‘Mary is here’ (Paula’s mum) I didn’t say anything but I was so freaked out that I suddenly told my friend I needed to go out.  I hurried Paula out of the door and was left wondering what the hell had just happened, turns out Mary had popped by for a visit.  After that day, all kinds of weird and wonderful things started happening and are still happening.  Since my first conversation with Anastasia, I have kept a diary which has all of my predictions and messages from spirit in.

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I can’t go through the diary and tell you everything that has happened because there is so much, but I can give a couple of examples. Rick’s (my partner) Aunty Irene was ill and during 2018 she was gradually getting worse. Through September I was given the message that she was going to pass on right before Christmas. I really hoped that I was wrong but I told my partner anyway.  The week before Christmas came and I thought ‘thank god I got that wrong’ Unfortunately she died on the 22nd December. It was also my partners Aunty Irene who I heard from the other day.  Rick was away for the weekend and was planning his birthday family get together (about 2 and half hours away) I had a very strong message from her of ‘tell Rick I will be at his birthday’ I text him the message and he rang me back. Turns out, earlier that morning him and his daughter had a conversation about if Aunty Irene was going to be at the party (she had got the names mixed up with an aunty who is still living) he had said ‘no it will be a bit difficult seen as she isn’t alive’.  She must have been listening and thought to herself ‘I bloody well am going to be at that party and I am bloody well going to let you know about it!’

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Since hearing my spirit guide Anastasia for the first time, lots of strange but amazing things have happened. The feeling of someone being in the room with me, messages in my head, visions, recurring numbers, seeing things out of the corner of my eye, things going missing and much more. At first it was a time where I thought I was losing my mind with all of the voices I was hearing, but now I have learned to embrace it. I am truly honoured to have been given such an amazing gift, and being able to pass messages on between the land of the living and the land of spirit is now a part of me that I don’t want to lose. If you do believe in this kind of stuff then I am able to give you all kinds of advice in opening up to the spirit world and if not…then I will see you on the other side and say ‘hey I told you so!’ 

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Along with strengthening my Mediumship I have also been studying the wonderful world of Tarot. This is an amazing way of communicating with spirit, the higher realms and your own higher intuition.  Whilst I am not yet an expert, I have become an officially ‘Certified Tarot Reader’ but to strengthen my abilities even further, I would like YOU to help me! I will be offering discounted online Tarot readings and healing crystal advice, so please use my Contact form to request more information.

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Please take a look at The Wonderful World Of Tarot to find out more on the history of Tarot, how it is used and which deck I am connected to in particular

Thank you for reading and remember to 

stay weird and don’t be scared to be yourself!