The Wonderful World Of Tarot

So if you haven’t already had chance to go through My Spiritual Journey..So Far it would probably be a good idea to do so before reading on..but if not then no biggie.  Since I had my Spiritual Awakening a couple of years ago, and along with my Mediumship I had the urge and the interest to study the art of Tarot. Now, I am going to be completely honest and say that I did not expect it to be so complicated. It is not just about simply picking a card and reading out the meaning, it goes way waaaaaay deeper than that. Tarot is heavily based on Psychology and has the power to change a persons mindset, beliefs and wisdom. It can bring a huge amount of comfort and advice when dealing with the obstacles that life throws in our way.. and personally I think that whether you believe in the spirit world or not, we can all benefit from a Tarot reading every so often.


First I think we should start with a little bit of a background on the wonderful world of Tarot. (I can only do a vague outline on this because there is just too much history behind it) So whilst nothing is set in stone about where it all began, there are of course many theories, but the main country which people believe it to have started in is Egypt. In Egyptian ‘Tar’ means Royal and ‘Ro’ means Road. They merged imagery with symbols and it is thought that when the Romani Gypsies travelled overseas, they carried Tarot reading over with them across the world during trading. 

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The cards arrived in Europe, Italy to be precise. The Italians contributed to the make up of the deck and most of the terms used in the cards are of Italian origin. The people of Italy were known to play with a set of custom made cards that were used purely for entertainment.  The cards then made their way over the rest of Europe. 

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Tarot decks started to be developed from 1410 and by 1440 the Italians had influenced the deck to be the one we use today. No one actually knows when Tarot started to be practised for Spiritual divination but it was unfortunately seen as a bad thing in and around 1450.  The first public opinion of Tarot cards were said to have been used as a tool by the devil to steal souls of people. (oops)

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The traditional Rider Waite Tarot cards that are still used today were published in 1910.  Even though this is known as the original, traditional and most popular version of the deck, there have been many variations over the years giving Tarot a modernised look and feel to the cards.  Obviously some Tarot readers believe that the Rider Waite deck should be the only one used whilst others have gone with a deck of cards that they felt drawn to and comfortable with. 


A Psychic/Medium uses the cards to connect with either the clients spirit/spirit guides, or with their own in order to give a reading. The energy from the Psychic reader goes into the cards as they are shuffled, dealt and spread. Some Tarot readers prefer to do all of this themselves and others prefer to ask the client to shuffle or cut the cards in order to add their own energy into the mix. I prefer to use this method so that the client has some kind of input. It is believed that spirit then guide the Psychic to pick the correct cards which are relating to the client in order to give them insight, influence and knowledge into their life. So here is my way.. I let the client shuffle the cards, I then do a second shuffle, I cut the cards into three piles, bring them altogether as one pile again, then fan them out. The next step is to work my way looking over all of the cards until I am suddenly drawn to pick one. Another way I use is to again do the shuffling, cut into three piles and then choose the top card from each pile giving a past, present and future reading. 


There are soooo many ways of laying out the cards (which are called spreads) You may have heard of spreads such at the Celtic Cross, Star Guide, Tree Of Life, Chakra and many more. At the moment I am still learning so the more complicated spreads are to be mastered over time. After the cards are dealt, the psychic then uses both spirit and their own intuition to read the cards. Now maybe you are under the impression that you simply pick a card and read out the meaning from a book but this most certainly is not the case.  Whilst the cards do have certain meanings, they are only there as a guideline. The reading of Tarot cards relies heavily upon the person doing the reading by connecting with spirit, a higher level of intuition and the energy from the client to interpret the cards. A card that has been dealt for one client can mean something completely different when reading for another. Interpretations can also change when looking at what cards have been dealt alongside and whether the card has fallen in a reversed or upright position (if it is upside down or not) Not every Tarot reader uses reversals..but I do.


Ok so the last thing I will tell you about is the deck of cards I use for my readings, which is the ‘Crystal Visions Tarot’ deck by Jennifer Galasso. These beautifully illustrated cards have been the only deck I have been drawn to and for a Tarot reader this is extremely important. The connection between reader and cards is a very special bond.  To some people that may sound a little odd but it is true! Since starting my study of the Tarot I have tried using other decks but have found it impossible. I am always drawn back to the ‘Crystal Visions Tarot’ and realised that these cards are the only ones for me. (my one and only true love in the world of Tarot) 


The Crystal Visions Tarot is one of the most popular around and even though I fell in love with these cards from the moment I laid eyes on them, my connection with this deck goes a little deeper. The cards themselves are available in the UK which come with a little leaflet, but the actual full sized ‘Guide To The Crystal Visions Tarot’ is not. I searched everywhere with no luck and decided to send an email on the official website to see if they could point me in the right direction. Now I was expecting to get a response from a general customer service rep or something, but I was so excited after getting a direct response from Jennifer Galasso herself in the US, who said she would personally send me out a book.  I was absolutely over the moon when my book arrived both signed and with a lovely note from Jennifer.  The other surprise that came was when she told me that her book was dedicated to Samantha (her daughter) I don’t believe in coincidences so took this as a final sign that this deck was made for me!


So now you have a bit of background into the beautiful art of Tarot, an insight of how it works and some information about the deck I use for my readings, how and why. I am a certified Tarot reader and am giving you the opportunity to have a reading with me. Whilst I am still gaining knowledge I will be offering ‘past, present, future’, or ‘one card’ spread readings to anyone who is interested in helping me to strengthen my abilities.  These will be at a discounted price due to me still gaining experience and learning. If you are interested and would like some more information then use the Contact form and I will get back to you ASAP. I do already work for some of the most popular Psychics online but would love the opportunity to take private bookings.

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Thank you for reading and as they say in the Spiritual world, 

Love and Light to you all..