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Welcome to my website ‘Mixxit-Business, Products & Blogs’.  I’m Sam, a qualified Beauty Therapist, mum of two, blogger, product reviewer, business promoter and Tarot reader. I live in the North West of the UK with my children Amie and Dylan and our two fur balls Gary and Dee Dee (yes by fur balls I do mean cats, just in case you are confused by the human names)   I grew up near Sheffield and moved to Blackpool in 2009. I will always be a proud Yorkshire lass but by the sea is where I feel at home.

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I have always worked in offices doing customer service and admin.  I also briefly ran my own business as a Beauty Therapist but working mobile and lugging a ton of equipment in and out of the car was not for me.  In 2011 I became ill and since then its been a case of being on and off work, trying different things that could hopefully still be there for me if I fell ill again, but of course the only way to guarantee that is by being your own boss. One of the main reasons I am unable to hold down a job for long these days is due to how tired I get.  Tiredness obviously means poor concentration and poor motivation.  I have to take A LOT of medication which makes me sleepy, so until they are able to introduce nap rooms to the work place I doubt very much that I will be able to get back on the working 9-5 waggon. Like every other worker out there trying to earn pennies I have always dreamt of a job that I would be happy to wake up to and not feel like I was miserably wasting my days away to survive.  Life is too short to be doing something day in, day out that drags you down.  My part time blogging hobby has now turned into that very kind of job which doesn’t fill me with dread and unhappiness each morning when I wake up.  By doing ‘Mixxit’ I am able to drop my activity down when unwell and pick it back up when I am on the mend.  



My personality is like my website, fun, quirky and very random. I am described by friends as ditzy, funny, sarcastic, weird (I prefer to call myself unique) and sometimes a bit of a diva.  In some ways I am a very girly girl and in other ways not.  My favourite colour is pink, I’m far too girly for the thought of festivals with lots of sweaty people and mud, or the idea of a camping holiday when I know perfectly well that I could be sleeping in a nice cosy hotel room and spending each day by the pool.  But then on the flip side I always wear black, the majority of the time my hair is scrunched up in a bun and I only wear makeup when I need to. I drink pints of lager when I go out, have Nerf gun fights with the kids, I get on with the guys rather than the girls and even know how to plumb a washing machine in! I am a very level headed, strong minded, straight to the point kind of person. Sometimes the way I say things can come across as a little harsh and abrupt, but I am one of the most kindest, loyal, trustworthy, caring and loving people around.

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In the recent years I have been settling into my Mediumship…yes that’s right I can talk to dead people! At first this was a time when I questioned my own sanity, especially because I suffer with mental illness, but when I started coming out with correct information regarding peoples dead relatives, both myself and my partner realised there was no need to book an appointment with the psychiatrist just yet.   I’m a very different Sam to the one I was ten years ago and I can thank both the good and the bad life experiences so far that have made me the woman I am today. I am now at a point in my life where I am proud of who I am, I know what I want out of life and I am determined to get it.

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Even though the ‘Mixxit’ website is about working with businesses, you will sometimes find my personal blogs here to share with you my interests, likes, dislikes, experiences and recommendations.  Most of my daily Mixxit activity is on social media where I share things that I find funny or relevant to me in any way, it is also the easiest way of getting in touch with me as I’m always logged in.  Please bear in mind that if I don’t answer straight away.. I am likely to be having a snooze..

Thank you for reading,