Pangolin Creations-Handmade Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery I keep it simple. I like to wear jewellery that I don’t need to take off.  The reason for this is if I took it off each night then I would more than likely forget to put it back on in the mornings.  Or there is the possibility of it getting lost, a bit like when my partner bought me … Continue reading Pangolin Creations-Handmade Jewellery

Boutique Of The Kitsch & Strange

  My favourite kind of people are my fellow weird and wonderful ones.  The people who just don’t quite fit in with the mainstream. Who just don’t feel the need to wear the latest trends or must have the latest ‘In thing’, who are unique and proud of who they are and never afraid to be themselves. As soon as I looked around the ‘Boutique … Continue reading Boutique Of The Kitsch & Strange

Patook-The Strictly Platonic Friend Making App

Nowadays it can be seriously difficult to meet new people.  Especially when you are a single mum who works from home and doesn’t really get out and about. All over the app stores on our mobile phones are tons of dating apps. But what if you don’t want to date? you have suddenly just come out of a relationship, you are lonely and need someone … Continue reading Patook-The Strictly Platonic Friend Making App

Christie’s Crafts

  As we grow its always nice to keep a little magic in the air, especially if you have children and a great way to do this is by giving fairies an opportunity to enter your home and sprinkle some love over the family.  ‘Christie’s Crafts’ is the place to go to get your very own, beautiful ‘Fairy Door’.    Christine started off her business … Continue reading Christie’s Crafts

Lemar’s Accessories

  Its finally Summer which means its holiday time!!! and during your holidays you want to look bright and cheerful.  One of the best ways for us ladies to do this is by wearing colourful jewellery exactly like the ones made by Charlotte at ‘Lemar’s Accessories’. Charlotte Lemar This gorgeous lady above is the owner and founder of ‘Lemar’s Accessories’ where she hand makes unique … Continue reading Lemar’s Accessories

Freedom Pro Artist Pads

I will start off by saying that this blog is waaaaaaay over due.  I have actually had these pads now since before Christmas, but on the plus side it has given me a decent amount of time to use and review them.  For the most part of last year my favourite brand was ‘Makeup Revolution London’ but all of my love is now devoted to ‘Freedom … Continue reading Freedom Pro Artist Pads

Aroma De La Vela-April Candle Of The Month

April is drawing to a close and thank goodness its taking Easter with it.  I am not in any way religious, so all Easter means to me is CHOCOLATE.  (no offence to religious people of course) For most, especially children, chocolate has been one of the greatest things invented, but to women like me who put on a stone just by looking at a bar, I … Continue reading Aroma De La Vela-April Candle Of The Month

Aroma De La Vela-March Candle Of The Month

Spring time is officially here!!  We have sprung the time forward an hour for lighter nights.  All of the flowers are starting to bloom, spreading bright colour everywhere and we are having much milder, sunnier days.  I am finally able to get my clothes out on the washing line instead of spending a fortune using the tumble dryer, which in my opinion never makes your … Continue reading Aroma De La Vela-March Candle Of The Month

Aroma De La Vela-Jan/Feb Candle Of The Month

Its that time of year where all of the Christmas stuff in the shops have disappeared and in its place we are left with romantic cards, beautiful flowers, big fluffy teddy bears, love heart inspired gifts and just that general special ‘love is in the air’ Valentines feeling!   Many of us will be planning a perfect romantic evening for our partners (for those who aren’t planning it … Continue reading Aroma De La Vela-Jan/Feb Candle Of The Month