Naturally Sase Skincare

Us ladies love a bit of luxury in our lives and with ‘Naturally Sase Skincare’ I felt spoiled rotten as soon as I opened up the package. I always feel extra grateful when companies from over seas send me products to review as I know shipping costs can get pricey, but I feel even more grateful when I receive products from them that make me go WOW!!   … Continue reading Naturally Sase Skincare

Aroma De La Vela-November Candle Of The Month

Its Chrrrrrrriiiiissssstttttmaaaaassss!!!! Well nearly anyway.  I actually enjoy the festive time of the year much more as an adult than when I was a child, and that’s because I get to make it as magical as I can for my two little Angels.  Every year without fail I get a little too giddy and put the tree up on the 1st of December, which means that by the time … Continue reading Aroma De La Vela-November Candle Of The Month

My Purrfect Gift Box-(Autumn Celebration)

  Autumn is upon us and its at this time of year where there seems to be so many exciting things going on….Halloween, Bonfire night, MY BIRTHDAY (turning 33 ,eeek) and of course Christmas, which might I add is only 50 sleeps until Santa sneaks down our chimneys.   I am over the moon that I have been given the chance to review for ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’ again who have … Continue reading My Purrfect Gift Box-(Autumn Celebration)

Fade Away (Sleep Sounds)

Sleep is one of the most important things that we need in order to function on a day to day basis.  Without sleep the brain isn’t getting the rest it needs. You aren’t ‘recharging your batteries’ as they say. Studies suggest that 1 in 3 people experience ‘Insomnia’, a condition which causes the sufferer to have an inability to sleep.  I have a friend who … Continue reading Fade Away (Sleep Sounds)

Aroma De La Vela-October Candle Of The Month

Sadly, my favourite time of the year, Summer and the nice long days are coming to a close, but it also means that we are fast approaching the spookiest time of year, and I have to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween!  Horror movies, the mystery, the awesome costumes, sweets and chocolate, trick or treating, parties..  Its just a really fun time of year where most people … Continue reading Aroma De La Vela-October Candle Of The Month

Delight Touch-Organic Beauty Products

As a Beauty Therapist I need to practice what I preach, therefore I make sure that I always look after my skin with the good old ‘cleanse, tone moisturise’ twice a day routine! When I was studying at college I was trained using ‘Dermalogica’ products, which are known as being one of the best, if not THE best facial skin care range out there! Unfortunately … Continue reading Delight Touch-Organic Beauty Products

Aroma De La Vela-Custom Hand Crafted Candles

After doing an initial review for ‘Aroma De La Vela’, we have now teamed up to show you their beautiful ‘Custom Hand Crafted Candles’ which make excellent gifts for family and friends or to simply brighten up your own home.  ‘Aroma De La Vela’ is a candle company with a difference, these candles are completely 100% designed by YOU. You pick the shape, the scent … Continue reading Aroma De La Vela-Custom Hand Crafted Candles

Floating Dreams Studio

Sometimes I like to add a little ‘sparkle and shine’ to my life (In a subtle way of course, I’m not talking Mr T style bling). ‘Floating Dreams Studio’ have sent me two beautiful charms to review all the way from Texas, United States! Which I know must have been an absolute pain because of shipping costs over here to the UK, so I am extremely grateful. They … Continue reading Floating Dreams Studio

Aroma De La Vela-Initial Review

When you have arrived home after a busy day at work, or have been running around after the kids all day long, or even if you are planning on surprising your loved one with a cosy romantic meal,  Scented candles are a great way to set a relaxing and calming atmosphere within your home.  Unfortunately I have to admit that I don’t usually bother with them. … Continue reading Aroma De La Vela-Initial Review