Kathy’s Art For Keeps

Nothing captures a moment quite like a photograph, but when a photo is transformed into a painting it can mean so much more, especially if you are the one who has painted it.  Kathy Knopp is an artist who uses oils to re-create the special moments in her life. She pours her heart and soul into her work and when I look at her paintings … Continue reading Kathy’s Art For Keeps

Wildflower & Fawn

Over the last couple of months I have been giving the Mixxit Reviews website a huge makeover, including a name change which obviously meant I needed new logos. Up until now I have always done them myself but this time I ran into some serious difficulty regarding the border of a circle. I know it doesn’t sound like it was a complicated task but trust … Continue reading Wildflower & Fawn


From launching the Mixxit Reviews website in 2016 I am proud to say that I have done everything myself.  The WordPress support agents are always there for technical difficulties but everything else is done by me.  I come up with all of the ideas, themes, colours, menus, layout, style, content, yadda yadda yadda.     Every so often I have tweaked around with the design … Continue reading VsArtIllustrations

Boutique Of The Kitsch & Strange

  My favourite kind of people are my fellow weird and wonderful ones.  The people who just don’t quite fit in with the mainstream. Who just don’t feel the need to wear the latest trends or must have the latest ‘In thing’, who are unique and proud of who they are and never afraid to be themselves. As soon as I looked around the ‘Boutique … Continue reading Boutique Of The Kitsch & Strange