Floating Dreams Studio

Sometimes I like to add a little ‘sparkle and shine’ to my life (In a subtle way of course, I’m not talking Mr T style bling). ‘Floating Dreams Studio’ have sent me two beautiful charms to review all the way from Texas, United States! Which I know must have been an absolute pain because of shipping costs over here to the UK, so I am extremely grateful. They … Continue reading Floating Dreams Studio

Traded With Love – Clothing And Accessories

‘Traded with love’ is a cute, internet based clothes and accessories boutique. It is founded, owned and ran by Jenna in ‘Georgia USA’.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do a review on her items as such because of the USA to UK ridiculous shipping costs, but I think she definitely deserves recognition for what she does.  Not only is Jenna successfully running a business by herself, but she is doing … Continue reading Traded With Love – Clothing And Accessories