Kalon Kosmetics-ACHELOIS GODDESS (Part 2)

If you have come over from ‘Part 1‘ then it must mean that the last paragraph grabbed your attention, which is exactly what happened to me when I read the ‘About Us‘ section on the Kalon Kosmetics website. So as I was saying…all of the Kalon Kosmetics products are inspired and created by life…as in REAL life and all of the struggle it brings, such … Continue reading Kalon Kosmetics-ACHELOIS GODDESS (Part 2)

Kalon Kosmetics-ACHELOIS GODDESS (Part 1)

I cant even express to you just how excited I am about this review, oh wait yes I can…..I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED, SO EXCITED, SO EXCITED, SO EXCITED!! This write up is for a company who even if they hadn’t sent me a product to review, would still be getting one anyway purely based on their amazing business, because ‘Kalon Kosmetics’ have got a truly … Continue reading Kalon Kosmetics-ACHELOIS GODDESS (Part 1)

Freedom Pro Artist Pads

I will start off by saying that this blog is waaaaaaay over due.  I have actually had these pads now since before Christmas, but on the plus side it has given me a decent amount of time to use and review them.  For the most part of last year my favourite brand was ‘Makeup Revolution London’ but all of my love is now devoted to ‘Freedom … Continue reading Freedom Pro Artist Pads

Freedom Pro Lipstick

For quite a while now I have been a huge ‘Makeup Revolution London’ fan but lately I found out that the brand creators ‘Tam Beauty’ have added another line to their collection called ‘Freedom Pro’ and I love it even more! I have got quite a bit of their cosmetics and skin care now so will be doing a full review soon, but the point to this … Continue reading Freedom Pro Lipstick

Naturally Sase Skincare

Us ladies love a bit of luxury in our lives and with ‘Naturally Sase Skincare’ I felt spoiled rotten as soon as I opened up the package. I always feel extra grateful when companies from over seas send me products to review as I know shipping costs can get pricey, but I feel even more grateful when I receive products from them that make me go WOW!!   … Continue reading Naturally Sase Skincare

Delight Touch-Organic Beauty Products

As a Beauty Therapist I need to practice what I preach, therefore I make sure that I always look after my skin with the good old ‘cleanse, tone moisturise’ twice a day routine! When I was studying at college I was trained using ‘Dermalogica’ products, which are known as being one of the best, if not THE best facial skin care range out there! Unfortunately … Continue reading Delight Touch-Organic Beauty Products

Makeup Revolution London

Finally I have gotten around to doing a review of my favourite brand ‘Makeup Revolution London’ I have wanted to do a full feature one based on ‘all’ of the products that I’ve used of theirs so far.  These are the blush palettes, eye palettes, highlighters, face primers, eye primers, lipstick and brush cleaner.     Blush, Highlight And Eye Palettes The number of palettes I’ve had from this company is … Continue reading Makeup Revolution London

Coastal Scents 56 Shadow/Blush Palette

Having both blush and eyeshadow in the same palette is just what I have been looking for. I cant stand having a thousand separate palettes cluttering up my makeup bags/cases/drawers (I have soooo much stuff) . Also I am going on my holi- jollies in June so this kind of thing is perfect to take with me, but sadly it wont be this. If I could … Continue reading Coastal Scents 56 Shadow/Blush Palette

Makeup Revolution-Mermaids Are Forever Palette

Worth the pennies?? OH YES BUY IT!!! That is the answer that should come at the end of the post but I love this palette so much that I’m just going to skip to the main question. Now for the rest of the information The quality for such a low price is nuts. But please don’t put the prices up!!! So there are a couple … Continue reading Makeup Revolution-Mermaids Are Forever Palette