Aroma De La Vela-Initial Review

When you have arrived home after a busy day at work, or have been running around after the kids all day long, or even if you are planning on surprising your loved one with a cosy romantic meal,  Scented candles are a great way to set a relaxing and calming atmosphere within your home.  Unfortunately I have to admit that I don’t usually bother with them. … Continue reading Aroma De La Vela-Initial Review

Make Unique Bags-Personalised Gifts

When it comes to makeup or nails I like lots of PINK SPARKLE! so when Goy at ‘Make Unique Bags’ offered to put me on a bag and make it all PINK and SPARKLY, I was extremely excited!!..and OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! (The only problem is that I love it so much I daren’t use it in case it gets damaged. But its amazing!) So here is … Continue reading Make Unique Bags-Personalised Gifts

Lilah Blue -Home Accessories And Gifts

Growing up there was absolutely nothing sentimental about my parents or the family home. There was just the three of us, mum, dad and me.  In my 32 years on this planet I think I may have heard the words ‘I love you’ from my mum once! Luckily my grandmother (my mums mum) was completely opposite and showered me with constant love and affection. I craved my … Continue reading Lilah Blue -Home Accessories And Gifts

My Purrfect Gift Box (Cat Lovers Read On….)

Cats are quite simply awesome!  They are funny, have their own little quirky personalities, do what they want when they want, but still show a ton of love and affection for their families that only cat owners will understand. That being said I am not someone who posts picture after picture on my personal Facebook or on my business Twitter page of my little fur balls, because … Continue reading My Purrfect Gift Box (Cat Lovers Read On….)