Pangolin Creations-Handmade Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery I keep it simple. I like to wear jewellery that I don’t need to take off.  The reason for this is if I took it off each night then I would more than likely forget to put it back on in the mornings.  Or there is the possibility of it getting lost, a bit like when my partner bought me … Continue reading Pangolin Creations-Handmade Jewellery

Lemar’s Accessories

  Its finally Summer which means its holiday time!!! and during your holidays you want to look bright and cheerful.  One of the best ways for us ladies to do this is by wearing colourful jewellery exactly like the ones made by Charlotte at ‘Lemar’s Accessories’. Charlotte Lemar This gorgeous lady above is the owner and founder of ‘Lemar’s Accessories’ where she hand makes unique … Continue reading Lemar’s Accessories

Ellies Handmade Art-Ethical Accessory And Jewellery Design Shop

‘Mixxit Reviews’ is all about showing the world that there are many, many unknown businesses out there who are making amazing products by some extremely skilled people and ‘WOW, THIS GIRL HERE GOT SKILLS’!! ‘Ellie Hawkins’ is a talented artist and jewellery designer in Barcelona, who describes herself as a ‘Magpie trapped in a humans body’ (LOVE IT) She has an eye for all things colourful and sparkly and … Continue reading Ellies Handmade Art-Ethical Accessory And Jewellery Design Shop

Key Sensitive Jewellery-Hypoallergenic Jewellery

Recently i have been contacted to review for a jewellery company who specialise in ‘Nickel Free Hypoallergenic Products’ and the offer came at just the right time. Both myself and my daughter have extremely sensitive skin and whilst my body accepts gold, unfortunately my daughters doesn’t, and so ‘Hypoallergenic’ has become the only option. I allowed my daughter to have her ears pierced four years ago at ‘Claire’s Accessories’. … Continue reading Key Sensitive Jewellery-Hypoallergenic Jewellery

Binky’s Trinkets- Fun And Quirky Jewellery

One of the main reasons why I am enjoying working with these small businesses so much is that I am coming across some amazing people who are making unique and quirky products that I/we would never usually come across.  The other reason is that I am getting to know the people behind the business. Rather than just seeing a label that says ‘Made In China’, I am getting to know and … Continue reading Binky’s Trinkets- Fun And Quirky Jewellery

Alicry Trinkets

Thanks to cheap jewellery and accessory shops such as Claire’s Accessories, clothes shops and even the supermarkets that now just sell about anything and everything, we don’t get to see or hear about unique pieces made by small businesses anymore.  I suppose I might sound a little old fashioned to some, but I think its really sad and a huge shame.  So I am absolutely loving the work that I’m doing … Continue reading Alicry Trinkets