Patook-The Strictly Platonic Friend Making App

Nowadays it can be seriously difficult to meet new people.  Especially when you are a single mum who works from home and doesn’t really get out and about. All over the app stores on our mobile phones are tons of dating apps. But what if you don’t want to date? you have suddenly just come out of a relationship, you are lonely and need someone … Continue reading Patook-The Strictly Platonic Friend Making App

Fade Away (Sleep Sounds)

Sleep is one of the most important things that we need in order to function on a day to day basis.  Without sleep the brain isn’t getting the rest it needs. You aren’t ‘recharging your batteries’ as they say. Studies suggest that 1 in 3 people experience ‘Insomnia’, a condition which causes the sufferer to have an inability to sleep.  I have a friend who … Continue reading Fade Away (Sleep Sounds)

Mental Health Awareness-My Story

I have been wanting to do a blog on Mental Health for a while now as it is a subject that is very personal to me.  People need to know that mental illness is far more complicated, common, and damaging than what they could ever imagine! There needs to be just as much information and awareness put out there for this as what there is for a physical disability or disease.  … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness-My Story

Damsel In D-Stress (Womens Emergency Essentials)

WARNING!! GIRLY STUFF, MEN READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I was sent these three cute little ‘Damsel In D-stress’ kits before fully knowing what they were about, so when they arrived it was an interesting surprise as I can honestly say I have never come across anything like it before. I absolutely love the modern funky packaging and I have to say this product is genius! … Continue reading Damsel In D-Stress (Womens Emergency Essentials)